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Xiaomi officially confirms MIUI 12 in Weibo



Xiaomi officially confirms MIUI 12 in Weibo

Xiaomi never stops to surprise us. After a successful 2019 for the company with a massive number of devices launched, the company faces 2020 with several promises.

One of them is to offer several mobiles with 5G. They will also renew their most successful ranges, such as the future Xiaomi Mi Band 5. Recently, we already know the first official brushstroke of what the next software of Xiamoi smartphones will look like. In fact, the company has officially confirmed its name and logo.

It is not a surprise that MIUI 11 evolves since it is not only logical; it is also usual. So, welcome to MIUI 12.

Xiaomi unveils in Weibo MIUI 12

As is often the case with the brand’s ads, and also from the team that develops its software, the MIUI 12 announcement has occurred on the Chinese social network Weibo. The message is as concise as it is revealing: a simple “Sailed officially” (according to Google translation) next to the name of the layer and an image with the logo design.

At the moment, we do not have future specifications or news. We are pretty sure that Xiaomi is slowly revealing the launch of MIUI 12 by the end of the year.

Although Xiaomi has confirmed MIUI 12, that does not imply that it leaves the current version of MIUI 11. The company continues to launch news in its custom layer. It is also updating a good part of its catalog, even with Android 10 included.

It is expected that MIUI 12 will begin its period of private betas in China by the beginning of autumn and stably reach the first devices by October or November 2020. We do not know the new functions on it yet. However, according to the design presented, everything points to an aesthetic refinement, more minimalism and a more significant presence of the dark mode. It is expected that all Xiaomi applications are updated accordingly and that MIUI 12 arrives with Android 11 / R to the latest Xiaomi mobiles.

It is known that with MIUI 12, the manufacturer will introduce support for a global dark mode throughout the system. Xiaomi turns 10 this year. Therefore, there is also speculation about the possibility of a design change.

It is expected that MIUI 12 does not focus on the design section, but rather to correct and optimize everything in MIUI 11 has given users problems. It can be optimizing the system or improving its performance on older smartphones. MIUI 12 is likely to become one of the most reliable and agile systems on the market.

If you notice, Xiaomi usually announces the new versions of its MIUI at the beginning of the year and begin distribution in the second half of the year then. In the coming weeks, we hope to know many more details. We will keep track of MIUI 12. For sure, little by little, we will learn about new and improved Xiaomi’s latest operating system.

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