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HyperBeard Launches New ‘Adorable Home’ Game



HyperBeard Launches New ‘Adorable Home’ Game

HyperBeard Games has launched a brand new mobile game titled Adorable Home.

The mobile game officially launched today (Thursday, January 9th) and is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices.

Adorable Home follows you and your partner as you move into a brand new home with white cat Snow. Upon moving into your new home you’ll need to give it a cleanup and purchase a new television. Whatever happens after that is completely up to you.

The life-simulator game sees you decorating your new home. You can purchase new furniture, cats, and food with love which is earnt by taking care of your cat and partner. What’s more, the game includes an adorable snapshot feature which allows players to take photos and record exciting moments.

HyperBeard Launches New ‘Adorable Home’ Game 1
HyperBeard Launches New ‘Adorable Home’ Game. Photo Credit Hyperbeard

Players are free to customise their home as they like while also selecting and naming characters to play as and their partners. There are no limitations here, meaning you can same-sex couples.

An official press release for the game reads: “Move into a new house and embark on an adventure with your partner in Adorable Home, a life simulation game about decorating your new place, arranging furniture, doing the chores (they’re fun, we promise!), and because this is a HyperBeard title, caring for your cat!

“Buy new furniture and cats to capture adorable moments with them in snapshots for your photo album and build the cosy house of your dreams! This game explores mature themes of love, marriage and sexuality and is not appropriate for children below the age of 13.”

Our Review: What Do We Think?

Adorable Homes is, as aptly named, adorable. The game features a fun soundtrack as well as cute visuals that bring it to life. The mini-game chores are also incredibly fun and, at times, challenging – particularly when it comes to showering Snow and the game’s other furry felines.

The customisation options in Adorable Homes is endless and it truly allows players to create the home of their dreams. We were even impressed that the game allows you to personally select your character and your partner, allowing you to have both heterosexual and homosexual relationships – a step in the right direction for the LGBT community.

The biggest problem we had with the mobile game is that, like most other smartphone games, it works in real-time. This means you’re required to wait 60 minutes or more between tasks to receive love and at times there is nothing to do in the game.

HyperBeard Launches New ‘Adorable Home’ Game.
HyperBeard Launches New ‘Adorable Home’ Game. Photo Credit: Hyperbeard

This can be extremely frustrating when all you want to do is continue decorating or earn just a little more love to purchase that aquarium or that baroque fireplace. As mentioned, this is a common gameplay mechanic in most mobile games now, so we assume most people are used to waiting in between brief playtimes.

We were also disappointed to learn that you can only unlock the garden and that other rooms of the house remain locked off. It’d be great to access them and decorate those rooms too and we hope this is a feature implemented in the future.

Despite this, Adorable Home is a fun game to play and a great addition to your smartphone device. It’s available now on iOS and Android devices and if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

HyperBeard Launches New ‘Adorable Home’ Game. Photo Credit: Hyperbeard
Photo Credit: Hyperbeard

Update: If you have questions regarding the Adorable Home game please post your question on our forum. The link to the Adorable Home Forum is: Tapatalk Adorable Home Forum. Please keep the questions and answers family friendly.

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