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Nintendo May Release New Switch Console This Summer



Nintendo May Release New Switch Console This Summer

A new report from Taiwanese newspaper DigiTime has suggested that Nintendo may be releasing a new Switch console later this year.

The news lines up with a previous report from Wall Street Journal tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki who claimed in August that Nintendo “has ideas for further updates to the Switch lineup after those two models to make the platform’s lifecycle long”.

Mochizuki claimed that Nintendo had plans to launch two additional console models, a cheaper model for casual players and a second, more expensive version designed for more “avid” gamers.

The cheaper model was confirmed by Nintendo last year as the Switch Lite, which was released last September. However, the more expensive iteration of the console hasn’t yet been announced or confirmed.

An updated version of the console was released in August 2019, two years after Nintendo released the original Switch console. The updated version of the console included increased battery life.

The DigiTimes report claims Nintendo will be releasing a new Switch with a magnesium alloy body and an updated CPU. The rumours have led many to theorise that the new model will be a “Switch Pro” type of device.

Unfortunately, a spokesperson for Nintendo has debunked the rumours. In a statement issued to Polygon, the spokesperson said Nintendo “has nothing to announce on this topic”.

Upcoming Consoles

The news comes as PlayStation and Microsoft prepare to launch their next-generation consoles. Sony’s PlayStation 5 console is due for a release this Holiday season and will support up to 8K definition, feature an integrated HD Blu-Ray player and an updated OS.

What’s more, players will be given better control over how they install games. The PS5 controller will reportedly feature adaptive triggers to give players resistance when completing specific actions. Leaks have suggested the controller will also include smaller joysticks, a USB-C port and a built-in microphone.

Recent rumours have claimed that the console will release in mid-November at around $500, but the console’s release date, price and appearance have yet to be confirmed by Sony PlayStation.

Meanwhile, Microsoft announced their new Xbox Series X console last December at The Game Awards 2019. The tech firm unveiled the console and revealed its official name along with some of the machine’s specs.

The console, which is also due for a Holiday 2020 release, reportedly delivers four times the processing power of the Xbox One X, which is currently the world’s most powerful console.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox Series X will support 8K visuals, frame rates of up to 120 fps and ray tracing. However, Microsoft has yet to comment on rumours that the firm will be releasing two consoles this generation, a powerful main console and a second, cheaper and disc-less console.

All three consoles are still several months away and if rumours are to believed, we should be hearing announcements from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft unveiling more information about the consoles and upcoming games. So watch this space.

Photo Credit: Nintendo Switch.

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