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Rockstar Games Tester Reportedly Leaks Details Of GTA 6



Rockstar Games Tester Reportedly Leaks Details Of GTA 6

A games tester for Rockstar Games has reportedly leaked new details of the unannounced Grand Theft Auto VI.

Although Rockstar Games haven’t yet officially announced the game, it’s been rumoured that the publishing studio has been secretly developing a new game in the GTA franchise for several years.

There have been dozens of leak surrounding the unannounced game, with one leak claiming that the game has been codenamed Project Americas and will reportedly take place across several locations.

A new leak from a supposed game tester has claimed that the map of GTA 6 is “stupendously huge” and spans two main fictional cities; Vice City (Based on Miami) and Carcer City (An East Coast city similar to Boston).

According to Business Times, the tester posted the information on Reddit under the username herenthere4six and claimed that the game has been in development for over six years.

They said: “I did QA testing for RDR 2 and GTA 6, the latter starting pre-production in 2014, I believe. The game entered large-scale development sometime around late 2016 during the timeframe Rockstar began marketing Red Dead Redemption 2.”

Most of the game tester’s leak focused on the game’s map, stating that it’s so big it makes GTA 5’s map “look like a schoolyard playground”. Reddit user herenthere4six also explained that the map emphasises on air travel.

What’s more, the game’s map reportedly includes atmospheric effects that, according to herenthere4six, “brings out the life in everything”. Herenthere4six explained that some of the effects include light pollution, fog, and even hurricane winds, all of which make the game’s open-world as realistic as possible.

The games tester also explained that the game will feature two main protagonists that are siblings, with one of them being an undercover cop. In the same post, herenthere4six touched on the game’s story, explaining that players can abandon missions and “take different routes that sprout different consequences”.

Unfortunately, the post was quickly removed from the r/GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit by moderators. The removal was predicted by the leaker, who had ended their post by saying: “This will probably get removed unless Rockstar wants to be coy and ignore this massive leak.”

GTA 6: Everything We Know So Far

Older leaks about the upcoming GTA game has claimed that it will be released for the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, with some analysts and fans suggesting that the game will not launch until around 2021 or 2022.

Another leaker from last August posted on Reddit that the game will be international and begin in the 1970s in Liberty City where gamers will play as a low-level gangster in the Spanish Broker/Harlem district of the city.

The leaker also claimed that the game will feature three acts set in different time periods; the prologue (Set in 1978), the game’s main story (Set in 1980), and the epilogue (set in the present day). If this is true, it would be the first for a GTA game. Since nothing has been announced all leaks should not be taken for fact. But with the release of the new PS5 and Xbox console on the horizon, we may just start seeing news of the game.

Photo Credit: Rockstar Games.

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