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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy S20 Launch February 11



Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy s20 Launch February 11

One day after the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, the manufacturer had another big announcement. They will announce their new high-end phone as the successors of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold. It will be done a few days before MWC 2020

On February 11, Samsung would present the new Samsung Galaxy S20 (or Samsung Galaxy S11) with the second generation of its Galaxy Fold 2 folding mobile. This report came directly from Samsung’s website, which published a first video announcing the date of the next Samsung Unpacked event. It is a video that @MaxWinebach managed to save on his social networks.

In his video, we see how the word GALAXY appears in an animation in which the letters A are formed by a rectangle that could refer to the modules of their cameras. The video ends with a date, inviting us to continue streaming on the official website of the manufacturer on February 11. The time is slightly ahead since last year Samsung introduced the Galaxy S10 on February 21

According to the leaks, Samsung would present the new Samsung Galaxy 20, Galaxy 20 Plus, and Galaxy 20 Ultra together on February 11. Therefore, the manufacturer in this year seems to jump from S11 to S20. According to the latest leaks, the new Galaxy S20 would have a module with five sensors

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could change the format and compete against Motorola Razr folding mobile phone. They may offer a shell-like mobile that, once closed, it has a small screen to show notifications.

The 108MP camera will have a sensor that will allow you to 5x optical zoom the object. Therefore, you can enjoy the experience of telephoto photography in a smartphone.

But that’s not all. Samsung also offers a Space Zoom. This feature allows you to have a hybrid zoom of 50x and 100x. Although, some believed that this function will only exist on the Galaxy S20 + and not for the S20 version.

Furthermore, it will be possible for you to change lenses while recording a video. It means, you can do so without stopping the recording. This could mean better function management on a smartphone. Surprisingly, you can even edit the videos at the same time you record them.

A ‘Single Take Photo’ mode will also be added. This feature can recognize the expressions of groups of people when everyone is posing.

A ‘Pro Video’ mode also allows you to adjust the camera settings manually for much more professional experience when recording. It will also bring four bokeh effects called Artify, Mono, Side Light and Vintage.

Even so, do not expect to see the new Galaxy Fold 2 in stores soon. We believe that it takes time for Samsung to distribute the phone globally.

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