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Google Cuts Xiaomi Device Access After User Gets Images From Stranger



Google has blocked Xiaomi devices from accessing its Nest Hub and Assistant after a owner reported seeing unfamiliar still images apparently from other cameras. The incident was first reported by Android Police.

“We’re aware of the issue and are in contact with Xiaomi to work on a fix,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement. “In the meantime, we’re disabling Xiaomi integrations on our devices.”

The user reported on a post in Reddit that his newly purchased Xiaomi Mijia 1080p Smart IP security cameras was showing unusual images of what appears to be a stranger’s homes when he tried to stream from the camera to a Google Nest Hub. Reddit user Dio-V said in a email to The Verge that they’re based in the Netherlands and saw images of an enclosed porch, a sleeping man in a chair and a sleeping baby in a crib. He said he was contacted by Google about the post but has not heard anything from Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer later claimed it to be a caching issue.

Nest announced its device access program back in October which put strict requirements on which third party devices can be used with its system. The list includes about two dozen security cameras that can be used with Nest displays. IP-based security cameras have struggled with security since their inception, starting with multiple exploitable issues in early models. Even now, many companies have struggled in secure footage.

Recently, a smart security manufacturer Wyze reported that an insecure server exposed 2.4 million customers’ data for more than three weeks. The problem was found to be the security camera lacking some basic security measures to prevent unauthorized access. As Android Police notes, it is hard to verify who is to be blamed in the recent incident, as all information seems to be coming from Reddit. But Google and Xiaomi is clearly taking this seriously.

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