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Samsung Puts Galaxy M50 on Hold



Samsung Puts Galaxy M50 on Hold

The Galaxy M range has been one of the revelations in Samsung’s mid-range. They have released several models so far, from M10 to M40. These models were launched first in India, the primary market in this range, although they have had a global launch as well.

The source indicates that Samsung is already producing the main phone of this article in its factory located in Noida. The smartphone model number is Samsung SM-M515. However, production is only in its early stages. Therefore, it is possible that the official launch does not necessarily occur in the short term.

Samsung starts production of the Galaxy M51 in India

This phone is expected to arrive in stores in 2020. Its launch has not been confirmed, but the brand has already started with the production of this phone in India.

Several media in India already report this. Surprisingly, Samsung goes directly to the Galaxy M51 in this case, since for the moment, there has not been a Galaxy M50 within this range yet. Therefore, the name of the phone may be something modifiable. However, there is no concrete data about this yet as well as the strategy of this range in terms of names.

The Galaxy M range sold very well in 2019. It is one of those responsible for returning the success of this Korean firm in the mid-range market. Besides, M series has helped them maintain good results in a vital market like India.

Surely, in 2020 Samsung will launch several models within this range of phones. One of them may be this Galaxy M51. We hope to know more about the phone soon.

This Brand New Samsung Device Will Cost Even Less

According to Reuters, the Korean company is modifying its strategy in the mid and low range to increase the number of devices manufactured through MDGs country such as India, and not in its facilities in China.

The reason is that these external manufacturers can produce devices between 15 and 20% cheaper than their own factories in China, which makes the prices of the final devices more competitive.

And that is just what Samsung needs to compete with Xiaomi or Huawei, which also uses ODM for its low and medium-range smartphones.

In line with early production, the specifications of the future Galaxy M51 are a complete mystery, although they should not remain that way for much longer. Some rumors still tell us that the device will be above the M41 when it appears.

The outlook seems to be good considering it is a mid-range device. The current M40 is one of the few devices that has not received an “s” update, but it is already powerful. It has Snapdragon 675 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The cameras are also well served by a 32MP primary camera, aided by an ultra-wide 8MP angular unit and a 5MP camera for depth data, while the selfie camera is 16MP.

In this sense, the M51 may have an upgrade to a 48MP camera and bet on the newest series of Snapdragon 7 processors.

Photo Credit: Samsung.

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