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Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse Review



Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse Review

Gaming mice are a must to an incomplete gaming setup. If you have all the necessary gaming hardware but miss a good gaming mice. You’re actually missing out on a lot. A good gaming mice is the foundation that provides the difference between a good gaming experience and an average gaming experience. Even a noob or a person just starting gaming can tell the difference when they are provided a premium gaming mice and a cheap mice. The difference is quite evident to them.

For competitive players a good gaming mouse is a must. They research really hard and look at many factors such as shape, size, weight and DPI before making a decision to which to buy. A slight change in one of these factors is enough to make a huge difference in real time gameplay. It also comes down to personal preference of people. Some people like bulky mice that look something from the future. Some like simple and sleek mice that deliver the performance. Some people want RGB as a must but some just want a plain and simple gaming mouse.

They come in many form factors and with many features. Some wired and some wireless. Some people argue that wired mice cause the wire to drag which creates friction and as a result hinder their performance. Some argue that wireless gaming mice cause a decent amount of lag which again hinders their performance. Many wireless mice have come out with ultra-low latency rates but it’s no competitor to wired mice. That was the case until Logitech rolled out their latest wireless gaming mouse.

Logitech MX Master 3 Gaming Mouse

Today the mouse we’re reviewing is the latest from Logitech, the MX Master 3. Professionals say this is the best gaming mouse for shooters but is that really the case. Does the Master 3 hold up to its comments and proves critics right. For that we’ll have to further deep down into the functionalities and capabilities of this mouse.

It’s the latest from the Master lineup. They have been iterating on the same design language and for good reasons too. Don’t fix what’s broke right? They carefully analyze the critiques of the previous generation of their Master MX and improve on the very next iteration which is commendable by the user. It is a bit highly prices like its previous brother but for very good reasons. The functionalities do justice to the high price tag it comes with. Let’s dive deeper to what it brings.

Design & Aesthetic

The Logitech comes fresh out of the box with a premium feel in the hand. With the amount of money you’re spending, the premium feel is a must. It got two button on the side where the thumb sits along with a wheel.

It’s a super comfortable mouse that sits flush inside your hand. The maneuvering is smooth and basically gaming on it is as immersive as it can get. The side buttons can be programmed to your desired task. Logitech like always uses high quality materials for its build and this is no exception either.

Type C Quick Charging

Let’s talk about the battery capacity of this mouse. They claim that it can last up to mind whopping 70 days on a single charge. That it more than enough to power through you whole week on a single charge. If you’re an enthusiast and play games 24/7 like literally all the time. You need not worry as it comes with Type C quick charge.

How fast is this charging you may be thinking? It gives the mouse 3 hours of power in just one minute of charge. How insanely fast is that? Just let that sink in. The charging capability is just off the charts. It even comes with a USB Type C cable in the box to be readily charged. This device may just never be connected to a charger at all.

Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse Review 2
Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse Review. Photo Credit: Logitech

Redesigned Wheel

Logitech redesigned their wheel on the new MX Master 3 and they’re calling it MagSpeedTM. They are saying that they’re using some sort of electromagnetic scrolling which gives the tactile feedback of a mechanical scrolling wheel but in fact gives the illusion of frictionless levitation.

The wheel is very satisfying to scroll up and down too. The precision is high enough for you to stop at any pixel or at any line and the wheel is powerful enough to scroll through 1000 of lines in a second. We can’t describe just how smooth and enjoyable it is to scroll using the wheel.

Quick Switch

The MX Master can be simultaneously configured between 3 devices and the option is on the bottom of the moue. Seamlessly switch between devices while working for a multitasking experience of a lifetime.

You can also effortlessly transfer text, images and files between computers. Simply copy on one and paste it on the other. It works flawlessly between Windows as well as a Mac machine. This seamless interaction between devices is another perk that some other mice lack.


The MX Master offers up to 5x more precision than traditional mice with a DPI that goes up to 4000 DPI. This DPI can be called a sweet spot for gamers as it’s not too high not too low. Gamers can precisely track their movements on screen and it’s also useful for content creators.

Adobe Photoshop or video editors can also benefit from its high precision controls, but majorly gamers can reap the full benefit. The perfect ergonomic design ensures that you can play games for longer sessions without feeling fatigue or your arm getting the carpel tunnel syndrome.


This mouse is an overall for everybody. It’s got the ergonomics paired with a long lasting battery that will catch anybody’s eye. It’s perfect for content creators and for gamers as well. The precision is always on point and never misses. You have to once try it for yourself to truly appreciate the engineering that s gone into building such a masterpiece.

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