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Inbento Is A Fun Food-Themed Puzzle Game



Inbento Is A Fun Food-Themed Puzzle Game

Inbento is a food-themed game developed by Afterburn. It was released in September 2019 and has its latest version 1.06 available on the Google Play Store. Inbento is priced at $2.99 for Android devices.

In this game, a player has to arrange lunch meals into bento boxes.

The game is inspired by Japanese aesthetics and bento cuisine. It features 100+ puzzles, combined with a unique pattern-matching gameplay. Inbento is a text-less game that narrates stories about cats and parenthood. You can play with food in order to solve hand-crafted recipes.


Talking about the Inbento, when you open the app for the first time, a picture of a cat appears. A scrolling mechanism allows you to swipe from right to left, which further exhibits a number of photos. The mentioned photos seem to be casual glimpses of everyday activities.

As the player finishes scrolling through, the main gaming screen is then displayed. When the game starts, an ongoing piece of music is played throughout the game.

As it progresses, a notebook-like register appears on top of the screen. Now, the player has to follow the instructions that looks like to be a recipe, from the register. You are asked to drag and drop a number of items from the bottom of the screen to a container in the middle.

The lunchbox needs to be filled in exactly the same manner that is visible in the recipe book. Also, the player can change the orientation of the items before picking them up. This allows for the adjustment of the food items according to the puzzle’s requirements.

Further, the left side of the notebook manual features a home button, as well as buttons that allow a user to take a step back. The stepping back becomes useful when the puzzle pieces need to be rearranged. Additionally, there are two different step-back buttons. One allows for all the items to be replaced. On the other hand, the second button just removes the most recent item from the lunchbox.

Inbento Is A Fun Food-Themed Puzzle Game 2
Inbento Is A Fun Food-Themed Puzzle Game

The notebook also shows the level and the puzzle number along with the back buttons. For example, if it displays 1-5, that shows that the playing is solving 5th puzzle on level 1.

Furthermore, not all the items can switch their orientation. If you click on an item to pick it up for solving the puzzle, it might be locked, which doesn’t let change its orientation. Every time a puzzle gets solved, a paw print of a cat is stamped on the manual and the next puzzle becomes available on the screen.


A home icon is also there on the recipe book. Clicking the button, the user goes to the main screen of the game.

There are four clickable tabs on this screen. When a user goes to the main screen, level select, photos, options, and credits tabs are shown to the player.

Talking about the level select, only level 1 and level 2 are playable to you. Although, 12 levels are shown initially, most of which remain locked.

The tasks on any level that are completed are shown with a cat’s paw print stamped on its window.

Next is, Photos tab. Photos lists the photos that are saved or screenshotted by the players. Every time you screenshot a cat moment or activity visible on the screen, it gets listed in the Photos. Photos tab display photos in a gallery-like form.

Another important part of the game is the Options tab. Options tab displays a number of aspects of Inbento. You can use the login button to connect your Inbento game with Google Play Games account. By doing that, a player can save the game’s data to continue playing later on.

Below the login button is a button that shows the achievements of the player. As you begin the game for the first time, this button is not clickable. It is due to the fact that there are no achievements collected so far by the player.

After this, you’ll find the language selection button below it. By pressing left or right arrows, you can choose from so many languages available for playing this game.

Mutliple language support

Inbento has support for English, Polski, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Nederlands, Norsk, and many more languages. You can choose the language of your choice to play the game.

Moving down, there is a music button. Functioning similar to the language button, you can use left and right arrows to increase or decrease the music with 10% margins. Also, you can select the disable option to stop the music completely.

Along with that, there is an SFX button below it. In a similar way like the above two buttons, a player can disable the SFX. Further, it can be increased or reduced by 10% values according to the personal choices of the player.

Inbento also offers battery saver mode. This button can be set to either enabled or disabled. It can be done by a single tap on the screen. Lastly, there is a button for clearing game progress.

Using a clear game progress button, one can delete the saved game data. A player can use this option to make a completely new start.


Another button that displays the credits of the game is also there. It simply lists the developer team and people associated with it. Talking about the game in general, it is an interesting fun puzzle game with a theme based on food. Its more than 100 puzzles with different patterns are unique indeed.

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