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Mini Metro Video Game Review



Mini Metro Video Game Review

Mini Metro is a simulation game developed by Dinosaur Polo Club. Its latest update comes as version 2.41.0 and is available on Google Play Store at a price of $0.99.

It is a puzzle strategy designing-based game in which you have to design a subway map for a growing city. You can select the map of your choice from a number of maps available for different global cities.

Motive of the video game

In this video game, you have to connect stations with a metro network so that everyone in the city can reach their destination.

There are small shapes like square, circle, or triangle which represent passengers. Similarly, large shapes are stations. Now, the passengers have to reach any station with the same shape as to themselves.

The trains travel from and back on lines as they pick and drop-off passengers automatically. Every time a passenger is dropped-off, one point is scored.

Also, you can build a number of new lines. A new line can be built by pressing and holding a station. While still holding, drag to another station. You can connect more stations to the same line by continuing dragging over different stations. Simply releasing it stops connecting the stations.

Furthermore, the lines can be extended. You can extend a line by pressing and holding on a T-shaped handle at the end of each line, then dragging it over a station.

Also, you can shorten a line just by pressing on the handle and dragging it back over the last station.

Mini Metro also lets you add new stations to a line that already exists. A new station can be added to an existing line by pressing on line and dragging it to the station.  In a similar way, you can remove a station too. To remove a station, just press on an adjacent line and drag it over the station.

Another feature of the game is the creation of loops. You can form a loop by connecting one end of a line to the other. In a similar fashion, pressing on a T-shaped handle and releasing it breaks a loop.

Interestingly, there are rivers in the city map that the trains have to pass through. Crossing a river will require the use of one of the player’s tunnels or bridges. A player can remove a crossing to free up the tunnel or bridge for using it elsewhere.

Another important aspect of the game is overcrowding. Stations start overcrowding when they have more than six passengers in a waiting state. Ultimately, if any of the stations overcrowds for too long, the player loses the game.

Game Options

The Play option in the Mini Metro allows a player to choose a metro map for a number of cities. Not all the cities come with unlocked maps. London, Paris, New York City, and Berlin maps come unlocked in the starting.

You start the game with the motive of handling traffic on the selected map. Each map shows your best score displayed next to it. The Options button lists a number of options to select from. You can adjust language, night mode functionality, colorblind mode, audio, volume, vibration and settings for skipping transitions from it. The user can also connect the game with Google Play Games.


As soon as a game ends, a play-button is displayed on the lower right corner of the screen. By clicking on it, once can see the total development of the game over the recent course of time. Graphics display exhibits fast-forwarded manner in which the game was played.

Also, there is a share button shown at the playback or replay window. Share button can be used for sharing the stats over any social media networks or for sharing to in-device options that come built into Android.

Game Over message is displayed with stats of the game written below it. For example, the game displays that overcrowding at a station forced your metro to close. It also displays the number of passengers who traveled on the metro over the particular number of days for which the metro was functioning.

Mini Metro Video Game Review Game Over
Mini Metro Video Game Review Game Over

Additionally, a clock is always present on the upper right corner of the screen. It shows days of a week, which continuously changes throughout the game. The changing days are shown on the left side of the clock.

Apart from that, the passenger count is also visible just below where the days are written. The number of passengers increases depending upon the flow of game through the course.

All through the game, there is a piece of background music that sits well with the theme of the game. Although it is audible by default, one can go to the settings and adjust the settings accordingly.

New locomotives for the metro are regularly added. They act as the new assets for your metro. Tunnels can also be formed in order to build more lines across the rivers.

When the game gets over, a player can scroll-up screen to see more options available to him. A player can restart the game. The game also be continued in endless or creative modes. However, you can go back to the main screen by selecting the menu button from the list.

When a week completes, new tracks or tunnels may be offered. Meanwhile the existing lines can be stopped by the player depending upon the availability of the resources. A player can select from a list of modes to play. There are a number of modes available such as normal, extreme, endless and creative. But initially, Mini Metro offers only the normal mode with the unlocked maps for different metro cities.

Final verdict

Mini Metro is a lot of fun and keeps you returning to the game to design more complex subways. Mini Metro is available on iOS and Andriod now.

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