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Teslasuit To Unveil Haptic VR Gloves At CES 2020



Teslasuit To Unveil Haptic VR Gloves At CES 2020 Small

With CES on the horizon, tech manufacturers are starting to announce what they will showcase on the largest tech show of the year. Teslasuit, who developed a full-body haptic feedback suit, is introducing a glove that lets users feel virtual textures and gather biometric data. The device will be called “Teslasuit Glove” and will be unveiled at the CES 2020 show in January with the goal of shipping by the second half of 2020.

Source: Teslasuit

Like the Teslasuit, the Teslasuit Glove is marketed towards professional applications in fields such as education, medicine, architecture and engineering, and others. The tech uses a combination of several technologies to simultaneously create the impression of touching and holding objects. It can also capture the motion of the user’s hands, record pulse, and other biometric information. The company said the Glove can be paired with their Suit to achieve complete tracking of a person in VR space.

The Glove will be competing against other professional VR devices such as Manus VR and the HaptX gloves. But HaptX only tracks the fingertips which give Tesla Glove an advantage as it tracks the whole hand and wrist. The pulse oximeter gathers information like heart rate that can indirectly measure stress and other emotions. This makes it a better product for certain applications.

Teslasuit was one of the several haptics and motion companies that were launched during the mid-‘10s boom. The Suit was launched on Kickstarter back in 2016 but it canceled the campaign and officially announced its first product in 2018. Since then, it is developing potential products that will be applicable in astronaut training, emergencies. The creators are even keeping gaming and entertainment on the list, but with a $5,000 price tag, its not option for many

Unfortunately, the users will only be able to check out the suit and not the gloves, Teslasuit confirmed. They are still going on thorough testing.

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