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Logitech G915 Wireless Keyboard Review



Logitech G915 Wireless Keyboard Review

What’s a complete gaming rig without a mechanical keyboard? We know that a gaming rig is incomplete without an RGB mechanical gaming keyboard. When it comes to professional and competitive gaming, the mechanical keyboards are a must. They can be used for casual typing too as they offer satisfying clicks. The keys on them don’t require to be pressed all the way down as they register a button press when keys are slightly pressed. This benefit separates them from traditional keyboards. They offer tactile feedback and a satisfying click sound that enhances the gaming experience overall. There are so many mechanical wired and wireless keyboards on the market as of now. They all make promises that they don’t fulfill. It is hard to find the perfect mechanical keyboard by yourself. So to save you from the trouble of going through tons of reviews and videos about wireless mechanical keyboards, we have found the perfect choice.

Introducing the Logitech G915 Wireless Keyboard

Today we’re looking at the G915 from Logitech. This is their wireless gaming mechanical keyboard. It’s an absolute masterpiece of engineering and design. It’s got a very modern and sleek look which guarantees to catch eyes of viewers. It’s got onboard profiles and 5 dedicated G keys which are programmable to perform any task. Of course like all gaming keyboards, it’s got RGB baked into it. Amazing battery performance which keeps you going through the whole day and a durable body. The Logitech G915 does justice to its price tag. It’s not for people who are on a tight budget. This is a premium keyboard for high gaming enthusiasts. With dedicated media buttons and the ability to connect to multiple devices, this is just the surface of all the features the Logitech G915 packs into it. Let’s take a deeper dive into its features separately.

Look & Aesthetics

Gaming keyboards come in many different design aesthetics but most of them are very whacky to say the least. Some people prefer whacky designs and abnormal sizes of those keyboards. Well there is a majority which prefers sleek and minimalist design aesthetics. This is the perfect keyboard for them. The Logitech G915 stands out from other keyboards with its perfect minimalist design. It’s got a brushed aluminum surface with both sides of the keyboard curving around the body. The sides are a bit sharp so watch out for those. In a nutshell, it’s absolutely beautiful. Other than the minimalist design, the other thing you’ll notice is its slimness. The Logitech G915 is mind whopping 22mm thin. The G915 is slimmer than an IPhone placed next to it with a case on. How is it this thin while housing mechanical switches you might be thinking? Well it does use mechanical switches without compromising at all. We’ll further talk about how it’s able to house mechanical switches while being such thin.

Logitech G915 Wireless Keyboard Review 2
Logitech G915 Wireless Keyboard. Photo Credit: Logitech


The G915 uses its own advanced low profile mechanical switches. They call them the GL switches. These switches are relatively thinner than traditional mechanical switches at no compromise. These switches are the main reason that allow this keyboard to be designed such thin. The keyboard with does not suffer any compromises due to its slimness. The mechanical switches come in three flavors. The first is GL clicky which has an audible click along with a good tactile feedback. Next is GL tactile which gives some tactile feedback on a gentle bump. Lastly is the GL linear which offers a completely smooth keystroke. The mechanical switches benefit in terms of good gaming experience. The tactile feedback ensures the player that the key they pressed has been registered successfully.

Lightsync RGB

What’s a gaming keyboard without RGB? They G915 houses its very own Lightsync RGB which allows each key to be lit up in different color. The possibilities are up to 16.8 Million colors. You can choose animations of lighting or design your own through the Lightsync editing tool. You can instantly change lighting effects and change adjust brightness with onboard controls. By pressing the brightness soft key plus buttons through 1 to 7, you can shift between animations. On button 8 and 9 you can store your own preset animations. The result is an amazing lighting environment which immerses you into your game.


The keyboard houses 5 dedicated G keys. These keys are totally programmable to perform one specific task each. Simply by using the G HUB software you can set particular actions to the assigned keys. These keys reside in line on the left side of the keyboard. They can be handy when set to useful tasks.

3 Profiles

The G915 saves 3 profiles. These profiles can be set up through the G HUB software and can be triggered onboard. The buttons for these profiles reside on the top named M1, M2 and M3. This means each profile ca have 5 different G key tasks assigned to it. Meaning in total you have 15 G key controls ready at your fingertips.

Other Features

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the G915 has an amazing battery life. On top of that it can also be used directly by connecting the micro USB cable to your PC or laptop. So you can use the keyboard and charge it simultaneously.

The G915 has an amazing 1ms response time using its Lightspeed wireless technology. With the press of a button, toggle between Bluetooth connection mode. Meaning it connects with multiple devices.

It also houses dedicated media control buttons on board so you can have basic control on your fingertips. Easily adjust volume, play/pause or skip songs.

Final Verdict

Like previously stated, this is not for people on a budget. It is precisely targeted at enthusiastic gamers who know how to properly take advantage of the features it provides. With so many high end features, it does justice to the high price it comes with. It’s recommended from us for those of you who are competitive players.

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