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Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 Review



Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2

Why people like mechanical keyboards better than traditional? What’s the reason that gamers prefer mechanical keyboards? So basically traditional keyboards contain a membrane or rubber domain that holds the key up. When pressed, the membrane collapses and the signal is sent to the computer. While mechanical keyboards contain different parts such as a spring, housing, key cap and a few other parts. The basic functionality is the same. The spring creates resistant until you press down on it hard enough. So what’s the difference you might be thinking if they do the same thing?

Well first of all mechanical keyboards are much easier to type on and they give a satisfying click when pressed. They provide tactile feedback of the key being pressed. Traditional keyboard keys need to be pressed all the way down while mechanical keys only need to be pressed few millimetres to register key stroke and can still be pressed even further down. It’s a lot less fatiguing and the keys can be activated even if pressed halfway. Most mechanical keyboards use Cherry switches but it’s not necessary. All switches are distinguished by colour.

Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2

Well for a great gaming experience you need a great mechanical gaming keyboard. We’ve found just the one. Today we’re reviewing the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2. Top of the line from Razer it brings quite hectic features with it. Let’s talk basics. What’s a gaming keyboard without RGB? Keeping the tradition going, the Razer Blackwidow comes packed with Chroma. It provides each key to be lit separately of any color. We’ll talk more on the customizations further down. This mechanical keyboard is a must have for the enthusiastic gamers out there who are competitive players. Casual gamers can also benefit from its features to enhance their overall gaming experience.

Build and aesthetics

Let’s talk aesthetics of the keyboard. The first thing you’ll notice is a giant palm rest on the bottom. This allows you to easily rest your palms against it while typing or gaming. What the palm rest does, is greatly reduce the fatigue in longer duration of gaming. Moreover, simply typing can feel really comfortable while using the palm rest. It’s a soft cushion, into which your palms sink perfectly. It’s the ergonomics of the keyboard that sets it apart from others. It weighs about 1500 grams which is a bit heavy. Heavy also relates to high quality materials used, which is indeed true for this keyboard. It’s manufactured from the most high quality and premium materials to withstand wear and tear for a long time. It’s got a braided USB cable which again translated to more durability for longer time.


The Razer Blackwidow uses its own RazerTM mechanical switches which they boast, have a longer life span than tradition mechanical switches. They claim that these switches can last up to 80 Million clicks as compared to 50 Million for traditional mechanical switches. Razer provides three types of switches. These switches have an optimal travel distance to register a click giving you speed and responsiveness. The tactile feedback is a cherry on top which is a must for gamers. Such tactile feedback ensures the player that he has clicked the button and the click has been successfully been registered. These witches require only 50 grams of force to activate them. The switches are RazerTM Green, RazerTM Orange and RazerTM Yellow.  Green is tactile and clicky while orange is tactile yet silent. Finally the yellow is linear and silent. The Blackwidow also houses 5 additional dedicated macro keys. They provide top notch performance and reliable durability without any compromise.


Like we previously stated, the Blackwidow has Chroma lighting baked into it. This allows each key to be lit up in different color with 16.8 Million different color options. That’s just ludicrous how many colors you can map to each key differently. Using synapse, the software used to tweak the lights, you can also choose from pre-loaded lighting effects or customize your own. According to the game you’re playing or according to your setup. It’s quite easy and straightforward. You can easily customize to improve your gaming experience.

Other Features

The Razer Blackwidow houses an audio out or microphone in jack. This is very helpful if you want to connect a speaker, you can simply plug it into the keyboard. If you want to use a headset, simply plug it into the keyboard and you’re good to go. It also has a USB pass through which further enhances functionality of the keyboard. It is also compatible with Xbox One only for basic inputs such as typing. It’s got 10 anti-ghosting keys which allows 10 commands to be executed at the same time. The 5 extra gaming buttons are designed to bind macros or to reprogram into specific functions required by the user.

System Requirements

The Blackwidow requires Windows 7 or up OS, or a Mac OS X to operate. You also need 100 MB free disk space in order to install the synapse software. You’ll need an internet connection to activate the full features such as macro recording and profile settings. Once your product is activated you can use functions in offline mode too.

Final Verdict

So the final judgment on the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 is that will all the high end features, its perfect for any competitive gamer. It’s loaded with rich features, all packed into a durable body.

Right now it’s on sale on Amazon for $115.59.

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