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Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse Review



Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse

Are you a Gamer looking for the perfect gaming mouse? Do you think that wired mouse are far better than wireless gaming mouse, due to latency and transmission issues? Well if you do it’s all about to change. We all know that for competitive gaming you need a high response and low latency mouse. It is a must. Even for casual gamers, a high latency mouse disrupts the gaming experience. Most gamers prefer wired mouse, as they have low latency compared to traditional wireless mice.  Well not all wireless mice are made equal and today you’ll get to know why.

Today we’re reviewing the latest from Razer, the Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse. Let’s start with the aesthetics of the Viper. It a well-built mouse with great ergonomics for any user. It’s got asymmetric cut to the body. The design of the Viper is ambidextrous. It uses high quality materials giving off a very modern vibe. It’s got 8 configurable buttons in total that are also of high quality. We’ll further talk about the type of switches it uses. Overall it’s a very comfortable mouse. You can have long gaming marathons without your hand feeling fatigue. It weighs at 74 grams which is very light weight considering the features it packs. It’s perfect for gamers looking for a sleek design.                

The feet are made up of 1005 PTFE material that is used in no stick pans. This material offers very buttery smooth movement over a mouse pad. With such smooth movement and precise accuracy, you’ll be getting all the advantage over others while competitive gaming. Other than that its very easy on the hand to maneuver around.

Razer Viper Performance

Let’s talk performance. The Viper uses razer Hyperspeed Wireless technology that offers great performance in every aspect. It offers relatively high speed transmission with very low latency compared to other wireless gaming mice on the market. The latency is very low and optimal for intense games. You wouldn’t even notice any difference between the Viper and a high end wired gaming mouse. The Hyperspeed technology is about 25% faster than other wireless technologies available. Altogether it’s a perfect performer with zero stutters and zero misses. It offers a smooth gaming experience overall.                

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse
Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse

Moving on to the main component that causes such high end performance. The Viper uses a ludicrous 20,000 dpi sensor with 99.6% resolution accuracy. With such high dpi and accuracy, it is certain to aid you in competitive games offering absolute accuracy. It offers seamless and buttery smooth movement with absolutely zero lag. With shooting games, you can accurately and precisely aim at the enemies head for game winning headshots. It’s also equipped with intelligent functions that allow it to become even more accurate over time. All in all, perfect for first person or third person shooting games that require precise accuracy when shooting.

Razer Viper Switches

Razer uses optical mouse switches in their Viper. These are much durable over traditional mechanical switches. These switches use infrared beam of light to register every click. The traditional mechanical switches would have to be pressed until the switches made contact. With these optical switches they don’t require physical contact which greatly reduces the debounce delay. It also never registers unintended clicks which is another plus. The response time is of a mind whopping 0.2 milliseconds. This gives you perfect control and precise clicks when maneuvering.

                The battery backup on this mouse is over the top with about 70 hours of battery life on a single charge. You can have every long gaming sessions without the fear of your battery dying on you while gaming. Compared to other wireless mouse with such form factor, it’s got the best battery backup. I personally have been using it and it doesn’t let me down. It also comes paired with its own dock. The dock has Razer Chroma RGB which gives off a very gamer vibe. As we all know RGB is essential for gamers.

The mouse can be directly charged using a micro USB wire too. The dock adds efficiency as you simply place it on the dock and magnets attract it. The fit is also seamless with very little effort. The dock is additional which doesn’t come with other high end wireless gaming mice. With up to 5 profiles, you can set it according to you. The profile are stored on its onboard memory.

Of course it’s got competitors and one of the biggest is the Logitech G pro wireless. The G pro is the most used and reviewed by other people which puts this to the sides. None the less, the Viper beats G pro in weight, data transfer rate and battery life too. It’s got 10% less weight than G pro and quite faster data transfer rate.  The major distinguishing feature is the battery backup. The G pro offer 60 hours while the Viper goes far and offers 70 hours of battery time.

 Both mice are about $150 but because the G pro has been out for a long time, you can see it in some sales while the Viper is offered at $150 retail price.

Final verdict would be that with such cutting edge features, you just can’t go wrong with the Viper Ultimate. It offers distinct and even high specs relative to its competitors. It can be used other than gaming too as it’s a very comfortable mouse with precise tracking.

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