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New BioShock Game Has Been In The Works For Several Years



New BioShock Game Has Been In The Works For Several Years

New leaks have revealed that the new BioShock game may be coming sooner than we think.

Earlier this week, game publisher 2K Games announced the launch of a new game development studio named Cloud Chamber who was revealed to be working on a brand new BioShock game.

2K’s announcement suggested that the game won’t be out for several years, leading many to believe that production had just started. However, new leaks have revealed that the team has been working on the game since 2015 and that it may release sooner than most think.

Kotaku has revealed that the new game, codenamed Parkside, has been around for almost five years. According to four people close to the project, the game first began development in 2015 by game developer Certain Affinity, a studio known for working on shooters such as Call Of Duty.

By 2017, 2K had cancelled the project with Certain Affinity for unknown reasons and decided to bring the game in-house. It began to recruit developers and form a team who would later become Cloud Chamber.

The BioShock game entered development and the studio remained quiet for two years until 2K officially announced the studio’s launch this week. This has prompted fans into theorising that the game may be released earlier than first thought, particularly if the developers have been working on it for several years already.

Unfortunately, no details of the game were shared this week from Kotaku’s sources and the game, its setting and gameplay still remain a mystery. Although most believe we may not see any official news of the game for several months, others have high hopes that it will be unveiled at this week’s The Game Awards 2019.

The Game Awards: Leaks And Announcements

The Game Awards is an event dedicated to recognising achievements in the gaming industry while also acting as a platform for new game reveals and announcements.

Presenter and Game Awards organiser Geoff Keighley revealed on Reddit last week that the event will include around 10 new game reveals that no one has heard about yet. Rumours circulating suggest that one of the new games could be Warner Bros. Montreal’s new Batman game Batman: Arkham Legacy.

It was revealed this week in Sony PlayStation’s fourth State Of Play that its upcoming exclusive Ghost Of Tsushima will get a new trailer at the event. It’s rumoured that the game’s release date or a release window will be announced during the show.

Epic Game’s Fortnite, which has been nominated for several awards, revealed on Twitter this week that it will be making a “special announcement” during the show. It’s currently unknown what Epic’s announcement entails.

FromSoftware’s upcoming game Elden Ring will reportedly be shown during the event. There have also been rumours that a new Crash Bandicoot game will be announced, along with Rockstar Games’ new GTA video game.

The Game Awards 2019 takes place this Thursday in Los Angeles, check back Friday to find out award winners and new game announcements.

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