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Adobe Acquires Facebook’s Oculus Medium VR sculpting app



Adobe Acquires Facebook's Oculus Medium VR sculpting app

Facebook is reported selling Oculus Medium to Adobe, a virtual reality sculpting tool owned by the social network company. According to an Oculus blog post, nothing is changing for now and Medium will remain for people with an Oculus VR system. But it did mention Adobe will bring “more features, improvements, and other developments” to Medium in 2020.

Oculus Medium is an immersive sculpting tool used in video games and filmmaking. Facebook bought the tech and VR firm in 2014 for $2 billion and launched Medium two years later. The terms of the deal were not made public. Medium allows users to draw, paint, simulate action and create 3D models in a virtual reality (VR) environment. The Oculus team was becoming too expensive for the social networking giant which likely influenced the decision to sell it.

“Adobe is one of the world’s leading creation software companies, and they’re committed to providing best-in-class 3D and immersive tools for artists, including Adobe Dimension and the Substance tools suits,” Medium wrote in a blog post. “Medium joining the Adobe family brings both new talent and technology to Adobe and solidifies Medium’s position as a premier sculpting application and professional tool.”

Sebastian Deguy, Adobe’s 3D and immersive content head said, “Medium has been a beacon of creativity in the virtual reality space, pushing creative and technical boundaries of 3D Modelling. At his stay in Allegorithimic, which was acquired by Adobe in January, Deguy said the company “always looked up to Medium” and saw it and something “we’d love to tackle.”

Deguy further notes that Adobe has ramped up its investment in the 3D and AR sector and that the “Substance and Medium teams are ready to work together on the next generation of 3D tools.” Oculus announced the new Oculus for Business in May that is designed to streamline and expand virtual reality in the workplace.

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