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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Warns US Military Of Losing Tech Supremacy If Big Tech Abandons



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Amazon CEO and Founder Jeff Bezos has warned the American military leaders that the nation risks losing its superiority in technology that is key to national security. According to Bezos if companies decide not to support the Pentagon’s war business, the country will be trouble.

Speaking at the Regan National Defense Forum, an annual gathering of US military leaders and defense contractors, Bezos suggested that China’s attempt to steal an edge in the important technologies represents a new type of threat to US military supremacy. The country has maintained this technological superiority for decades.

“Do you really want to plan for a future where you have to fight with someone who is good as you are? The Amazon Chief Executive Officer asked the annual gathering at the Reagan Presidential Library. “This is not a sporting competition. You don’t want to fight fair.”

Bezos further singled out space as one area where the U.S. leadership was in doubt. “We’ve had an advantage in space – I’m very nervous that it’s changing rapidly,” he said. Commenting on the US space sector he added,” They’re facing adversaries who are good at innovating. If you’re facing adversaries who are good at innovating, you have to do it more.” Bezos poured around $1bn year of his fortune into Blue Origin, a space start-up that has set its sights on eventually selling launch services to the US Department of Defense.

Two weeks ago, Amazon filed a lawsuit against Pentagon for failing to award a contract to Amazon Web services. The contract was to operate a single data platform to support all US Military operations went to Microsoft instead after an eleventh-hour intervention by President Donald Trump. Amazon claims that the decision was the result of bias. The Amazon boss didn’t mention anything about the Jedi contract at the forum.

“My view is, if Big Tech is going to turn their back on national defense, this country is in trouble,” says Bezos. Referring to protests by tech workers, he added, “I understand people are emotional. But there is truth in the world. We’re the good guys.” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has also taken a similar stance but faced protests by some employees over the company’s work for the U.S.government on national security.

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