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New Grab-and-Go cashierless store opened in Amsterdam



New Grab-and-Go cashierless store opened in Amsterdam

Amazon Go may have a new competitor as Ahold Delhaize have launched a new grab-and-go technology store within the Amsterdam airport of Schiphol.

This cashierless store is said to be just the beginning, as the company are also planning on testing a similar shop at the National Retail Federation Big Show in New York City.

This comes after Ahold Delhaize have been testing tap-and-go technology for a number of years across Europe, with customers able to use a card to choose items off the shelf, which are then charged to an account via an app.

This new grab-and-go technology is the next step, as customers now need only scan their card as they enter the store, grab what they want, and then leave. The system detects what has been taken and charges the customer accordingly.

Ahold Delhaize said: “Inside the store, artificial intelligence detects which products are being removed from shelves and body skeletal tracking connects the right products to the right shopper. Services such as PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay and Google Pay are integrated into the wallet.

“The payment system was developed with American tech startup AiFi and Dutch bank ING. Payment takes place automatically as customers exit the store. Customers do not have to register in advance or download an app.”

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