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Google Maps To Include A New Feature Showing Brightly Lit Streets



Google is working on a feature for Maps to highlight brightly lit streets at night. The new feature called “Lightning” will make night travels safer by informing about streets with poor or no lighting.

The discovery was first made by the folks at XDA-Developers. According to the code hidden inside Maps beta release (v10.31.0), the well-lit areas will be marked in yellow colors. This is not the first time Google rolled out features to make it safer for users to navigate away from trouble. The company has previously introduced features such as a translate button, ability to find compatible plugs for electric vehicles.

A few years ago, the company included an SOS Alert feature into Maps in order to steer users away from a natural disaster. For instance, London was marked as a “danger zone” during the recent incidents. Earlier this year, Maps introduced a “Stay Safer” feature in India that notified users if the driver strays away from the expected route.

Since Google has not made any official statements about this feature and is currently in development, there are no images of the feature in action. It is also not confirmed if the feature will be available worldwide or limited to only specific regions. Another missing piece of information is how Google will collect lighting data of streets and keep up-to-date. Like any other APK teardown scoop, there is no guarantee that this feature will ever see the light of the day.

The feature is expected to go live in India first where women’s safety is a national-level issue. This might be a response to some “horrific incidents” that recently occurred there. But eventually, it should be available to all users around the world.

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