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Microsoft Still Has Plans To Release A Cheap, Disc-less Next-Generation Console



Microsoft Still Has Plans To Release A Cheap, Disc-less Next-Generation Console

Sources have suggested that Microsoft still has plans to release a cheaper next-generation console that is disc-less.

Microsoft officially announced its next-generation console Xbox Scarlett back in July at E3 2019. Since the announcement, however, there have been rumours that the firm’s Project Scarlett will consist of two consoles; a high-end console codenamed Anaconda and the cheaper disc-less console which has reportedly codenamed Lockhart.

According to Kotaku, the gaming news website heard from four trustworthy sources that the firm is still developing the Lockhart console.

The site states that the Lockhart console can be seen as a successor to the Xbox One S and that the Anaconda console can be seen as a successor to the Xbox One X, which is considered the world’s most powerful console.

According to Kotaku’s sources, the Lockhart console will include an SSD like Anaconda and the upcoming PlayStation 5. It will also include a faster CPU than the current Xbox One X, which means it will support high framerates.

Kotaku states that Microsoft is targeting the Lockhart to run at 1440p resolution at 60 frames-per-second and will reportedly depend on Microsoft’s xCloud streaming service as well as the Xbox Game Pass. The Anaconda console, meanwhile, will support 4K resolution at 60 frames-per-second. The report also includes a statement from a Microsoft spokesperson sent via email which said: “We do not comment on rumours or speculation.”

Microsoft’s Xbox In The News

The report comes one week after Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox, said that virtual reality is “not a focus” for the upcoming Project Scarlett consoles. The comments were made in an interview with Stevivor in which the developer said the firm will not be creating VR games because customers haven’t been asking for them.

Spencer later revealed in the interview that part of the reason Microsoft isn’t focusing on VR content is because “nobody’s selling millions and millions” of VR units.

However, the comments proved to be controversial as many fans called Spencer and Microsoft “shortsighted” and that the firm was setting itself up for “failure”. Meanwhile, Head of PlayStation Shuhei Yoshida referenced the comments in a tweet, writing: “We oftentimes work hard to make things that no customers are asking for.”

Back in November, Microsoft announced three new Xbox exclusive games at X019, an annual Xbox conference. At the event, which took place in London this year, Xbox unveiled three new games from developers Obsidian, Rare, and Dontnod Entertainment.

The brand new games included a backyard survival game titled Grounded from Obsidian, a unique nature-inspired game called Everwild by Rare, and a game story-focused game about two twins titled Tell Me Why by Dontnod Entertainment.

Xbox also announced that over 50 games will be added to its Xbox Game Pass subscription including ten Final Fantasy games, and it shared a preview of its cloud gaming service Project xCloud. Like the PlayStation 5, the Project Scarlett consoles are set for a holiday 2020 release so we won’t hear any official news about the console for several more months. In the meantime, keep checking back for the latest rumours.

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