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Hideo Kojima Opens Up About Death Stranding Sequel



Hideo Kojima Opens Up About Death Stranding Sequel

Hideo Kojima has opened up about a potential sequel to his recently released Death Stranding

In an interview with Vulture last week, the video game developer stated that he would consider making a sequel to Death Stranding before clarifying that it wouldn’t continue where the first game left off. 

During the interview, Kojima discusses potentially working again with Normas Reedus, who plays Death Stranding’s main character Sam Porter Bridges, and states that if he were to create a follow-up to the game, he “would start from zero”. 

Kojima’s comments have led fans to speculate that a potential sequel may be set in the same universe as the original Death Stranding game while focusing on a brand new set of characters. However, it’s unknown how Norman Reedus would fit into the game if Kojima decides to work with him again.

Also in the interview with Vulture, Kojima touched on the tar-filled ocean and the terrifying squid monsters, suggesting that they were influenced by memories of his childhood. 

He explained how he remembered his father “pushing me out on the ocean on a boat. It was so frightening. I still go into the ocean, and I dive from time to time, but I get really threatened about these big waves and big ocean animals.”

Kojima also touched on the online component of the game, explaining that it was inspired by Martin Scorsese’s 1976 film Taxi Driver. Kojima explains in the interview that after watching the film, he realised that people all over the world felt lonely. This led him to implement the game’s “social strand” system in which players can interact with items and structures built by other people.

Death Stranding’s Upcoming Patch

Death Stranding was released last month on PS4 and the polarising video game’s “social strand” feature allows players to interact with vehicles left abandoned by other players. These abandoned vehicles sometimes cause a problem by blocking player routes or doorways or roads, and if you don’t have the required items to destroy the vehicle, you’ll be left stuck. 

Thankfully, a new patch for Death Stranding will address this issue. Game developer Kojima Productions has revealed that a patch set for the middle of December will allow players to “dispose” of vehicles which means players will no longer be blocked in the game. 

The same patch will also fix the video’s game minuscule text in main menus. According to Kojima Productions, the patch will allow players to increase text size to their preference. Unfortunately, it’s unknown when the Death Stranding patch update will be released in December. 

It’s currently unknown whether Kojima will release a sequel to Death Stranding, but the video game is set to hit PCs early next year. Meanwhile, the video game creator has already hinted that his production studio will turn towards making films and shared strange tweets last month which suggested that he has begun working on a brand new horror video game.

Image credit: Death Stranding Launch Trailer – YouTube

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