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Sony’s PlayStation 5 May Use Samsung SSDs To Make Games Load Faster



Sony’s PlayStation 5 May Use Samsung SSDs To Make Games Load Faster

Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5) may use a Samsung SSD to make its games load faster, new reports suggest.

The technology company held its Samsung SSD Forum earlier this month where it discussed the future of storage drives. During the conference, Samsung’s Senior Managing Director Han Jinman explained that their upcoming range of SSDs, known as Non-Volatile Memory expresses SSDs, will appear in PCs and “consumer gaming consoles” from next year.

According to VGC, a slide shown during the conference included an image of a DualShock 4 along with loading time comparisons between a HD, a regular SSD, and the upcoming Non-Volatile Memory expresses SSDs.

The slide explained that a system boot with a regular HD takes 49 seconds, 29 seconds with an SSD and an undisclosed but shorter amount of time with the new Samsung SSDs. Similarly, the slide compared the game launch times of Monster Hunter, with a HD taking 38 seconds, an SSD taking 13, and the new Samsung SSDs taking a shorter undisclosed time.

The news goes in line with what has already been revealed about the PS5. In April, it was announced that the upcoming console will use an SSD to load games and the report from VGC has sparked speculation that the console may use Samsung’s Non-Volatile Memory expresses SSDs.

Tech journalist Takashi Mochizuki shared a tweet last May comparing the loading time of Spider-Man on both the PS4 and the PS5. On the PS4 Pro, the game took 8.10 seconds to load up but on the PS5, the game took 0.8 seconds.

How Powerful Will The PS5 Be?

The news comes after a developer claiming to have the devkits to the PlayStation 5 and the next-generation Xbox says that Sony’s upcoming console will be more powerful than Microsoft’s.

The developer shared the comments on the ResetEra forum under the name Kleegamefan but explained that they had only seen the devkits, the hardware used to create games before a console’s retail release, and that the PlayStation 5 is “more advanced”.

The developer wrote: “Right now, game performance is better on PS5. I believe that is probably because PS5 development hardware and software are in a more advanced state. I fully expect Scarlett to close that gap once they ship more mature dev kits and software.

“It must be said, since software, not hardware, is a traditional Microsoft area of expertise, it’s very possible that they could ultimately deliver more advanced DirectX development software in the end, allowing games to run better on Scarlett even if the hardware is less capable.”

Recent leaks have suggested that Sony’s PlayStation 5 will be releasing in late November 2020, a rumour that lines up with Sony’s prior reveal that the console will launch holiday 2020. Over the last few months, we’ve also seen patent leaks suggesting a new controller as well as a cartridge-like device that may be used for additional storage.

Image Credit: Sony PlayStation YouTube

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