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Death Stranding Creator Hints At Brand New Horror Game



Death Stranding Creator Hints At Brand New Horror Game

Death Stranding’s creator Hideo Kojima has already hinted at a brand new video game.

Kojima Productions may have just released the polarising Death Stranding on PlayStation 4, with a planned release on PC next year, but that doesn’t mean the video game developer hasn’t already started working on his new project.

In a tweet shared earlier this week on his English Twitter account, Kojima revealed that he’s hoping to make “the scariest” horror game and referenced his cancelled P.T. and Silent Hills horror video game project with Konami.

Alongside two images of a DVD Kojima rented without a case because it was too frightening, the game developer wrote: “As to make the scariest horror game, I’ll watch the scary movies in order to awaken my horror soul.

“THE EYE is the Thai horror movie I rent when making PT but was too scary to finish watching. The package is scary so I rented the disc only. Will I be able to finish watching?”

The tweet has led fans of Kojima to speculate that the game developer has begun work on a horror game now that Death Stranding has been released. The tweet has also led fans to wonder whether Kojima will be taking inspiration from the cancelled P.T. and Silent Hills project.

P.T., which stands for “playable teaser”, was a first-person psychological horror game by Kojima and Guillermo del Toro which was set to be published by Konami. The game was a teaser for a supposed Silent Hills video game and P.T. was released on the PlayStation Store as a teaser for the subsequently cancelled game.

Although the teaser received high praise for its direction, story complexity and tension, Konami cancelled the project, leading Kojima to remove the teaser from the PlayStation Store. He later began work on what became Death Stranding.

Kojima’s Upcoming Projects

In addition to hinting at work on a brand new horror game, Kojima recently stated that his game development firm Kojima Productions will be making films in the future.

The comments were made ahead of Death Stranding’s release during a BAFTA panel where the creator suggested his next project could be a mixture of video games and film. However, it’s unknown if his comments reference the upcoming horror project.

More recently, Kojima was awarded a Guinness World Record for social media following over his English Twitter and Instagram accounts. Upon being awarded the honour, Kojima has over 2.8 million Twitter followers and over 920,000 Instagram followers.

Meanwhile, it was revealed earlier this month that Death Stranding will be releasing on both Steam and the Epic Store when the game is released on PC early next year.

Although Kojima may have already begun teasing on his next project, it’s likely we won’t receive any concrete information on the game for another year or two. What’s more, there may be a possibility that the horror game will be released on PS5 which is due for a late 2020 release. Unfortunately, this is all speculation and it may be a few more months before we hear anything more on the project.

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