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The PS5 Release Date And Price Has Reportedly Leaked



The PS5 Release Date And Price Has Reportedly Leaked

A brand new leak has suggested when the PS5 may be released and how much the console may cost.

Trusted leaker PSErebus, who had previously predicted the release date of Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us Part II before its delay, revealed the alleged the price and release date of the console in a series of tweets this week, T3 reports.

In their tweets, PSErebus stated that the console would be made available in the United States in mid-November at a price of almost $500. However, a date and price for the UK, Europe, and other countries was not given.

The user wrote: “Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) will launch PlayStation 5 (PS5) in several countries in the holiday season of 2020 and will make PlayStation 5 (PS5) available in North America on November 20, 2020, at a recommended retail price (RRP) of $499.”

PlayStation announced in October that the console was slated for a holiday 2020 release date, with many fans theorising a release between December 2nd and 4th in celebration of PlayStation’s 25th anniversary. However, a release on November 20th still lines up with Sony’s previous announcement.

The leak also follows Sony’s past trends in releasing consoles around anniversaries of previous generations. The PS4 was released in America just days after the PS3 celebrated its seventh anniversary in Japan. With PSErebus’ announcement of a November release, the PS5 will allegedly be released five days after the PS4’s seventh anniversary.

If PSErebus is correct with the release date, it means the PS5 is just under a year away. Although Sony hasn’t yet unveiled the console, many fans have theorised that the company may reveal it at E3 2020 after skipping out at 2019’s event.

Everything We Know About The PS5

Over the last three months, we’ve received numerous leaks about the upcoming console. Most recently, a patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment unveiled a cartridge-like device which will reportedly be used for additional storage.

The patent, which was updated this week, included a design revealing a 12-pin layout as well as a short description stating that the device can be used to record data such as images, animations, sounds, or programs.

Reports from Wired back in October revealed that the new PS5 controller will feature adaptive triggers to give players resistance when completing actions. What’s more, a leaked patent revealed that the new controller will include smaller joysticks, a USB-C port and a built-in microphone.

It’s also been confirmed that the new console will have an integrated HD Blu-Ray player, support 8K definition and feature an updated OS as well as improved cloud gaming. Players will also be given better control over how they install games onto the system.

If PSErebus’ leak is anything to go by, the PS5’s official release is drawing closer each day and we expect Sony to begin sharing more information of the upcoming console within the coming months so watch this space.

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