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A New Crash Bandicoot Games Is Reportedly In Development



A New Crash Bandicoot Games Is Reportedly In Development

A new Crash Bandicoot video game is reportedly in development according to a brand new series of leaks.

Former PlayStation mascot Crash Bandicoot has seen a substantial rise to his former popularity over the last two years following the release of game remakes Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, but it seems the titular bandicoot may be getting his first brand new game since 2009.

A series of leaks has sparked speculation that a brand new Crash video game may be on the horizon. The rumours began early in November after PlayStation Europe uploaded an advertisement titled It’s Time To Play which showcases several popular PlayStation characters.

Among them is Crash Bandicoot who races through a parking lot with sister Coco. Eagle-eyed fans, however, spotted a floating mask behind Coco which has never been seen before in a Crash game.

After speculation hit Twitter via dozens of tweets, the rumours were fuelled by Nicholas Kole, an artist for Toys For Bob which handled the recent Spyro remake and the N. Sant Trilogy Switch port, who, according to TheLadBible, tweeted a thinking emoji.

What’s more, a series of Crash-themed bus posters were released in the UK to coincide with the advert, and fans once again spotted that the Crash model used in the bus poster is brand new and completely different to those used in recent Crash remakes.

The Brand New Leaks

Meanwhile, a new set of leaks from a reliable insider has provided the first few details of the alleged game, reports. A Twitter user named ViewerAnon, who previously leaked the plots to recent movies Star Wars: The Last Jedi and The Justice League, stated that the game will revolve around a set of masks which provide Cash with special abilities.

ViewerAnon explained in his tweets that the game will allow you to play as long-term Crash Bandicoot villain Cortex, and the bandicoot’s sister Coco. In terms of gameplay, ViewerAnon described it as linear, not open-world, and that it would be similar to Naughty Dog’s original games while featuring a progression system similar to Super Mario Bros. 3.

The leaker’s tweets read: “Not only is a new Crash Bandicoot game coming, I’ve heard from someone I trust the whole thing that revolves around masks with special abilities and that there will be levels where you play as Cortex.”

In another tweet, he explained: “Just had some things clarified for me: You can play as Crash or Coco, the gameplay is Naughty Dog-like (no open world), and the progression system was described as like Super Mario Bros. 3/World – themed worlds with individual levels in each. And that’s all I know!”

Aside from the recent speculation and ViewerAnon’s tweets, the game has yet to be confirmed. However, there are strong rumours that the game will be announced at The Game Awards 2019 on December 12th which is usually packed with game announcements and more.

Image Credit: Sony PlayStation / It’s Time To Play YouTube Advertisement

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