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Sony Updates PS5 Cartridge Patent, Confirming Additional Storage



Sony Updates PS5 Cartridge Patent, Confirming Additional Storage

Sony has updated its PS5 cartridge patent with a new design and details, confirming that it will be used for additional storage.

Last week, we reported that Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a new patent in Brazil published by the Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial (INPI), suggesting that the upcoming console may use cartridges.

The patent was first spotted by LetsGoDigital and the Dutch blog found that the patent was accompanied with a cartridge design by Yujin Morisawa, the Senior Art Director at the Corporate Design Center of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The leak led fans to theorise that the cartridges could be swappable SSDs in the shape of cartridges to expand the console’s storage capacity. However, a new update to the patent has muddied the waters further by confirming additional storage and making things all the more confusing.

Sony Updates PS5 Cartridge Patent, Confirming Additional Storage
Image Credit: LetsGoDigital

LetsGoDigital found that Sony had updated the patent with a new design revealing a 12-pin layout that, according to news site PSU, would make the cartridge unsuitable for SATA connections. This means the cartridge most likely will not function as expandable storage as first thought.

In addition to the new design, the patent was updated to feature a small paragraph of descriptive text provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan which offers fans a first look at what the cartridge is and what it may do. Translated from Japanese, the paragraph reads:

“This is a recording medium which can record various data, such as a character, an image, an animation, a sound and a program. By loading the opening provided by the game console with the tip end part by which a variety of pins of this cartridge were provided, the various data recorded on this cartridge can be read.”

This has sparked speculation once more that the cartridge will be used for expandable storage, although many fans are left wondering how the new tech will work. Other fans, meanwhile, are wondering how much these cartridges will cost.

The New PS5 Controller

News of the update comes just days after Sony filed another patent showcasing the brand new PlayStation 5 controller. The patent was published on the Japanese Patent Office and the controller’s design included several subtle differences.

As we reported yesterday, the design features larger triggers, what appears to be a USB-C port, as well as a built-in microphone. Other changes include smaller joysticks but an overall bigger controller.

Previous reports from Wired revealed that the new controller will feature adaptive triggers, giving players resistance when completing certain actions such as pulling a bow. The controller will also feature haptic feedback which provides players with distinct gaming experiences.

Also confirmed is that the console will have an integrated HD Blu-ray player, be compatible with 8K televisions, and feature an improved OS and improved cloud gaming. The console will also provide players greater controller in how they install games.

The Sony PlayStation 5 is due for a release holiday 2020 but until then, keep checking this space for more rumours and information.

Image Credit: LetsGoDigital

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