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Amazon Music Now Offers Ad-supported Free Streaming Service On iOS, Android and Fire TV



Amazon Music Now Offers Ad-supported Free Streaming Service On iOS, Android and Fire TV

Amazon today rolled out the free Amazon Music streaming tier to customers on iOS, Android, Fire TV and Amazon Music on the web in the U.S, U.K and Germany. Earlier this year, the company began offering free, ad-sponsored music streaming tier on Echo speakers and other Alexa devices. It is basically the same 2 million catalog available with Prime music; it just includes advertising and doesn’t require Prime membership.

Now, it has made Amazon Music free for everyone- Echo owner or not across a range of devices. Now users will be able to play thousands of stations based on ay song, artist, era or genre. Further, they will gain access to top playlists like “All Hits” featuring the world’s top songs among others.

 “Music fans will be able to play thousands of stations based on any song, artist, era, and genre; hear top global playlists; and the best in holiday tunes,” the company’s blog post reads. Customers can access the ad-sponsored Amazon Music tier at All you need is an Amazon account.

The new move by the company doesn’t really threaten paid subscription services like Spotify or Apple Music or Pandora’s premium tier as Amazon’s free service as a much smaller catalog. Amazon’s music service has a long way to go and is not as advanced in terms of personalization technology. This powers thing like Spotify’s Discover Weekly and other custom playlists. This is a strong reason for any music fan to opt for one streaming service over another.

Instead, Amazon is using its free music service as a way to upsell consumers by encouraging consumers to join Amazon Prime for removing the ads in their music. Prime’s 2 million songs are also an added benefit of a Prime subscription. The company wants more people taking the prime subscription and realise the value of free shipping and other benefits and get them to renew every years. After becoming a Prime member, people will shop more often from Amazon, where the retailer’s profits lie.

The free music service also acts as a gateway into the company’s wider music ecosystem. If the customers desire a larger, ad-free catalog, they can join the Amazon Music Unlimited instead. It offers 50 million songs at $7.99 per month for Prime users or $9.99 per month for other users. True audiophiles can upgrade to Amazon Music HD for $12.99 per month for Prime members while non-members have to pay $14.99 per month.

As of now, Amazon is offering 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for just $0.99

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