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Adorable Home Is a Decoration-Based Game



Adorable Home Is a Decoration-Based Game

Adorable Home is a new game developed by HyperBeard and is available on Google Play Store for downloading. It is a game with the concept of decoration in mind.

When you open the app, firstly you’re asked to select a language. There are English, Spanish, French, and other languages to choose from.

What does it offer?

After selecting the language you want to play the game in, you have to select a character for yourself. There is a bunch of people displayed on the screen from which you can choose one. Similarly, you go for a partner from the same people who are seen in the game window.

You and the partner you have chosen, then move to a new home. Meanwhile, a cat named Snow remains a companion at the new place.

For the interesting part, you begin with feeding your new cat. Clicking on the bowl icon on the lower right corner in the game starts so, and after a minute of it, you receive love as a payback from the cat.

After a 1-minute feeding duration, 1500 red hearts are received by the player. As you move to the next action, pressing the house icon on the lower right corner opens up a number of tabs having options.

The options include Lounge, Garden, Shop, Mine, Moments and Settings. Initially, an arrow appears on the Shop option. Pressing which further gives categories such as Lounge, Garden, Foods, Boxes, and Cats.

Starting with the Lounge, you can buy a television for 300 hearts. The purchased television then sits on the stand which comes under the category of things you have bought.

Similarly, other categories serve their purpose in different scenes and you can purchase new things, decorate your home, and make food for your partner. Since you can get multiple kitties, you can feed all of them as well.

Furthermore, you can purchase new furniture to decorate the new home you just moved into. Also, collecting more hearts can open the option to unlock the Garden area which has its own unique features. Adorable Home is currently running version 1.2.9, which was updated on 14th November.

Update: Thursday, January 9th Hyperbeard launch a fresh version of Adorable Home. Please click on the link for more information on latest version of Adorable Home; HyperBeard Launches New ‘Adorable Home’ Game

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Update: If you have questions regarding the Adorable Home game please post your question on our forum. The link to the Adorable Home Forum is: Tapatalk Adorable Home Forum. Please keep the questions and answers family friendly.

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