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Drift Race 3D is a Simple Car Racing Game on Android



Drift Race 3D is a Simple Car Racing Game on Android 2

Drift Race 3D is a game developed by Minigame Entertainment Limited and is available on Google Play store for early access.

The game has no actual graphics to boast. It is as simple as most of the car racing games which you might have played on the Android phones years ago.

Working of the Drift Racing Game

Drift Race 3D starts with a basic taxi having a maximum speed of 129 km/h. On level 1, you have other random taxis to compete with. Further, the other cars in the competition are probably the other users from across the world, who are active on the game at the same time.

For controlling the race car, all you have to do is long-press on the display for as long as you want the car to be drifting. By drifting, it actually means that your car switches its direction by ninety degrees. And as soon as you release the long-press, it gets back to the original orientation by drifting itself.

The race track on which the car runs is in a zigzag form. There are a number of left and right turns, which the car completes by drifting itself along with the other cars racing simultaneously.

Also, there are different additions on the track that make the race interesting. A yellow and orange stripe pattern boosts the speed of cars when they pass through it. Similarly, a red portion of the track slows down the cars.

Further, the racing terrain has bouncy slopes. Cars keep flying through that part and keep the game exciting.

By winning a race, a racer gains coins and advances to the next stage. Notably, there are 4 parking spaces available to the player, acting as a garage. You can purchase the cars and keep the parking slots full. It keeps adding more coins to the score even if you do nothing.

A user can also purchase Diamonds through the Diamond Shop. It is denoted by a jewel icon on the top right corner. By pressing the plus button, one can purchase diamonds through real-world currency in x30, x180, x420, x2250, and x5700 quantity packets. Diamonds can be used to make various purchases throughout the game.

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