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Apple Airpods Pro Gold Edition By Caviar Is For The Ultra Rich



Apple Airpods Pro Gold Edition By Caviar Is For The Ultra Rich

For most people, Apple Airpods Pro is already an expensive pair of wireless earbuds. But for the ultra-rich, there is much more at the offer.

Caviar is a Russian company that customizes an array of electronic products by using luxury jewel, offering a wide range of super expensive items.

Caviar has started offering a customized version of the recently launched Apple Airpods Pro. The specially tuned Airpods Pro is made of 18-carat or 750-content gold and comes in the one-piece body.

Not just the earphones, even the case that comes with the Airpods Pro is made of gold with 750 content. Due to the extensive amount of luxury metal used, the Gold Edition earbuds are heavier compared to the original version that Apple sells.

What is actually offered?

Interestingly, Caviar specifically mentions that there will be one copy of this Limited Edition product for the whole world. Significantly, the company is aware of the fact that at a price of $67,790, the luxurious product is for the ultra-rich who can spend such a big amount willingly.

The charging case in which the Airpods Pro comes features the Relief Caviar crown.

While the exteriors of the Apple Airpods Pro are deliciously changed, its interiors and the functioning remains completely the same as the original ones. It still offers the same sound quality and the battery just as before.

The Caviar Gold Edition Airpods Pro is shipped worldwide for free, in case you’re ready to spend the huge asking price for these unique earbuds covered in the jewel. Further, the company has a return policy.

One can return or get your product replaced if you’re unsatisfied due to any reasons, by notifying the company within 7 days from receiving the product. While the normal Apple Airpods Pro retail for $249, Caviar Gold Edition of these latest earbuds is extremely expensive at $67,290 for sake of luxury.

Image Credit: Caviar

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