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Epic Games Is Suing A Second Games Tester For Leaking Fortnite Chapter 2



Epic Games Is Suing A Second Games Tester For Leaking Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite developer Epic Games is reportedly suing a second games tester for leaking details of Fortnite Chapter 2 ahead of its launch.

The game developer filed a claim last month in the Quebec Superior Court against game tester Lucas Johnston who worked at the Montreal branch of Keywords Studios, the Canadian Press reports.

Court documents claim that Johnston took a screenshot of new content from the Chapter 2 update while testing the game on August 30th. A month later, on September 12, the image appeared on a forum for Fortnite Competitions ahead of the update’s launch on October 15th.

Following an internal investigation, Keywords Studio traced the image back to Johnston who was seen taking the screenshot on security footage and fired him on September 13th.

The court documents state that Johnston admitted to taking the screenshot and emailing it to himself but claimed that he wasn’t sure how it was posted on the forum. Keywords Studio’s investigation, however, found that the user who uploaded the image had three friends in common with the tester and an account linked to Johnston’s email address.

In the claim, Epic Games states that the leak “deprived” the studio of “the element of surprise” for the game’s update while also alerting the game’s competitors of its plans. The studio also claims that the tester violated his non-disclosure agreement and is seeking damages of more than $80,000.

The First Court Case

Last month, it was revealed that Epic Games was suing game tester Ronald Sykes for also sharing details of the game’s update. The complaint was filed in North Carolina and claimed that Sykes used a now-deleted Twitter account to leak information.

It was also alleged that Sykes used a second account to reveal more information about the update, including an image of the brand new map and information that players could swim in Fortnite Chapter 2.

The lawsuit stated that Epic Games was seeking “injunctive relief and damages” for the leaks and requested that Sykes compensates the game studio the “maximum amount of damages” permitted under the law while also compensating Epic Games’ legal costs.

Fortnite Chapter 2 released in mid-October, offering players a brand new map with 13 locations and new water-based gameplay that included swimming, fishing and motorboats.

Following the release of Chapter 2, Epic Games launched its special Halloween update Fortnitemares which included brand new missions, weapons and cosmetics. The event also saw the return of Storm King as a boss located at the centre of the new map.

More recently, famous Fortnite YouTuber Faze Jarvis was permanently banned from the game for cheating. The popular streamer reportedly used cheating software in videos to kill enemies, modifying his accuracy in the game to provide him with an advantage in Fortnite’s non-competitive modes.

Jarvis was then banned permanently from the game as Fortnite’s terms of service state it’s prohibited to use cheats or mods not authorised by Epic Games. The gamer later released an emotional YouTube video in which he apologised for his actions.

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