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FIT TYCOON is a fun game from Shikudo



FIT TYCOON is a fun game from Shikudo

Fit Tycoon is a new app on the Google Play store, and is available for early access currently. It is developed by Shikudo.

The game starts with the Shikudo Gym. By tapping on the window denoting the gym, cash is collected. The amount of total cash collected increases with each click and is displayed on the top left corner of the game screen.

The game is not limited to the Shikudo Gym. For example, there is a place called Noodle Court. The window for the Noodle Court in the game is displayed just above the Gym.

By spending 65 cash value, Noodle Court gets opened. Just like the Shikudo Gym, each click on the Noodle Court earns cash to the player.

To fulfill the requirements of stores, there are a number of salesmen.

A salesman named Walter Boyce is available at the Shikudo Gym while Garry Torres serves at the Noodle Court. Each salesman has unique abilities.

Similarly, Lily Mai is the person available at a store called Mier Clothing, and Ada Knowtt works for Happy Time.

Goal of the Game

The ultimate goal of the game is to collect as many properties as possible. Properties can be purchased through the cash collected from ongoing businesses.

Salesman, marketing, and spokesperson are the 3 types of talents available in the game.

A salesman runs a shop and has the duty of boosting cash. Marketing technique reduces the upgrade costs and increases shop levels. On the other hand, a spokesperson permanently increases the cash earnings of the shop he or she is handling.

Fit Tycoon connects with third party accounts for saving the game data. Further, there is a game ID associated with the player even if no third party account is connected to it.

The background music also runs during the whole gaming session. Also, the music and sounds of the game can be turned on or off from the game settings. The game recently received its v0.8 update which fixed some bugs and added new features to it.

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