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The Next Apple Watch Might Integrate Touch ID To The Display



Apple holds the top spot in the smartwatch market globally, outpacing others by a huge margin. According to a new report by market firm Strategy Analysts, the company holds a global market share of 48 percent, an increase of three percent from the year-ago figure of 45 percent. Though Apple Watch is the best smartwatch you can have, Apple continues to look for ways to make it better.

(Image: © USPTO/Patently Apple)

Apple might be working on integrating Touch ID to the display of the future version of Apple watch. A new Apple patent spotted by Patently Apple this week suggests that. It describes “a touch sensing device, force-sensing device, temperature sensing device, and/or a fingerprint sensor” that could be placed behind the display.

The primary focus of the new patent is the idea of moving the watch’s wireless antennas to the strap making room for more components or perhaps a bigger battery under the screen. That being said it will not be easy to embed Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth antennas into the strap, considering how much bending and wear and tear these straps are put through.

While the Apple Watch is already capable of making Apple pay purchase to unlock Macs and more, Touch ID will bring an extra level of security. Now you will not have to worry about others using your Apple Watch to do stuff. But this also means that your choices will be limited when it comes to replacing the default band with another.

The latest iPhones have stopped receiving the TouchID and is replaced by the FaceID. However, it is still very much present on the cheapest iPads and the company’s MacBook Pro laptops. There are also rumors about the TouchID making a return to the iPhone line in the future.

But like other Apple patents, there is no guarantee that these features will ever be introduced in the Watch. But it does give an idea of what Apple is planning for the future.

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