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New Apple Patent shows “revolutionary” Wraparound Glass Screen design



New Apple Patent shows “revolutionary” Wraparound Glass Screen design

Every year Apple fans wait for the annual event where the company unveils its new iPhone. Representatives explain about the new designs, features and the key things that set it apart from the previous versions. Even if they call some improvements “revolutionary”, most of them are already adopted, Apple just makes it mainstream. However, a true “revolutionary” iPhone design may be in the works.

A recently published patent by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) shows a new iPhone design featuring a wraparound screen design. The sketches depict a device that looks like a thin football while the display wraps around the center component where the internal parts reside. In the filing, the company says that the screen is a “continuous loop” that is bolstered by software and adjusts according to the viewing angle of the user.

Smartphone manufacturers are always looking for bendable, foldable and malleable screens to improve the design of their devices. One of the recent examples is the Galaxy Fold. Apple has not commented on the device but the company will be considering developing its version. After all, Apple has built its reputation on innovation.

If this wraparound screen design becomes reality, software developers will have to rethink their app design in all ways. But adopting this design will allow the developers to think outside-the-box and deliver new apps that give different software experiences than we get today. However, another truth is that like major tech companies including Apple files for patents all the time. Out of that, very few see the light of the day. There is a high chance that this technology will never find its way on the store’s shelves.

So keep your eyes open for a big iPhone change in the coming years. And when it happens, expect consumers to come knocking and other manufacturers to follow Apple’s lead.

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