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The New AirPods Pro Launched



The New AirPods Pro Launched

The new model of headphones come in a familiar gleaming AirPods white; have a lot of new features- and also a higher price tag. The new AirPods are set to rock the market and are available for pre-order. Apple is releasing the new upgraded version of its AirPods today (30 October 2019).

Higher Price Tag

With a whole bunch of new and upgraded features the new AirPods Pro also come with a huge price tag. The new model is worth $249 in England, which is a lot higher than the previous model that was $159 and $199 for the ones with the wireless chargeable case.

AirPods Pro not 3

While launching in the same year as Apple launched its iPhone Pro the company has blessed the AirPods with the same name. So the new third generation of AirPods will not be called AirPods 3 but AirPods Pro.

New Eye-catching Design

The most eye catching innovation is the new design with new flexible ear tips. These ear tips fit the ear more comfortably, providing the user with a noise-isolating boost to the audio quality.

A Whole Bunch of New Features

Apart from name there are many other features that make these AirPods different from its predecessors.

Apple claims that the battery life of their new AirPods is extended somewhat from their previous models. According to the claim AirPods Pro can manage for 4 hours and 30 minutes, even with noise cancelation active.

The most amazing feature is the ‘built in NOISE CANCELATION.’ This feature will allow the user to listen music in noisy places even at a low volume. So if are facing the situation of not being able to enjoy your music because of the noise around, this is for you.

The new Transparency mode allows you to switch from noise-cancelation mode to transparency one (where you can listen yourself singing), with just by pressing and holding the stem.

Apple has also confirmed that these new AirPods will only be compatible with iOS 13.2 which will also be released with them.

There are also some new controls that can be used through ‘Force Sensors’ on the stem of the new AirPods Pro. These are; one press for play, two press for fast-forward, three for rewind and to press and hold to toggle between transparency mode and active noise-cancelation mode.

The new model also has got two microphones, one pointing outward and the other one pointing into the ear. Apple claims that these microphones adapt sound signal 200 times per second.

Sweat and Water Resistant

In contrast to the previous models Apple also claims AirPods Pro to be ‘sweat and water-resistant’. With IPX4 rating under IEC standard 60529 it is good news for those who like to listen music in rain or those who worry about excessive sweating.

With the innovations and added features these new AirPods pro are without any doubt set to rock the market and raising the scale of Apple Inc. once again. Though it comes with a huge price tag the features it brings with counters that.

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