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Fortnite Launches New Halloween Event ‘Fortnitemares’



Fortnite Launches New Halloween Event ‘Fortnitemares’

Fortnite has launched its annual Halloween event Fortnitemares.

The update marks the third time the hit 2017 video game has launched a Halloween event and similar to past events, Fortnitemares gives players additional skins, weapons and challenges in celebration of Halloween.

Fortnitemares, which was teased earlier this week on Fortnite’s Twitter account, officially launched on Tuesday (October 29) and is expected to continue through to November 4th. But what does the event actually include?

As part of the update, the new Chapter 2 game map has been updated with a Halloween makeover. An isle at the centre of the map is now called ‘Isle of the Storm’ and is infested with giant purple crystals.

These tentacle-covered crystals generate zombie enemies and will continue to do so until players destroy the crystal.

What’s more, a new limited-time mode has been added to the game which sees the return of the Storm King, an enemy that first appeared in the game’s co-op Save The World mode but now lives at the centre of the isle.

Players must work together to defeat the boss all the while fighting against the game’s zombie enemies. The boss will prove to be an extremely challenging feat, with many users already venting their frustration on Twitter.

Brand New Challenges & More

In addition to the challenging boss fight, the game has been updated with various weapons and skins which allow players to get into the spirit of Halloween and enjoy the spooky holiday. Some of the added cosmetics include the Flaming Pumpkin weapon wrap as well as pickaxes and other outfits.

If that isn’t enough, Fortnitemares has also added several horror-themed challenges located at numerous points over the map including Haunted Forest, Spooky Farm and the Ghost Town.

The challenges include destroying haunted household furniture, leap from a Hideout while an opposing player is within 20m, deal damage to Storm King weak points, revive teammates while battling Storm King, defeat the Storm King, and search a chest in the Haunted Forest, Ghost Town and Spooky Farm.

The launch of the Halloween event comes just days after Epic Games released an update to the game titled Chapter 2. The revamp added a brand new map with 13 new locations, the first new map to be added to the game since it launched back in 2017.

Also added as part of the update was new water-based gameplay including swimming, fishing and motorboats. The update also added other gameplay elements like the ability to hide in tight spaces.

The Fortnitemares Halloween event is expected to continue until Monday, November 4th. Players will have until then to complete as many of the Halloween-themed challenges they can and collect the limited-time cosmetics and rewards. Good luck and enjoy the event.

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