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Fortnite Announces Release Of Halloween Event ‘Fortnitemares



Fortnite Announces Release Of Halloween Event ‘Fortnitemares’

Fortnite has revealed when it will be launching its upcoming Halloween event Fortnitemares.

The popular online video game recently launched its gigantic Chapter 2 update this month, but that doesn’t mean developers Epic Games have stopped updating the game.

Epic Games today (October 28) announced on Twitter the start date of their upcoming Halloween-themed event Fortnitemares. Sharing a poster for the upcoming event, the official Fortnite Twitter account tweeted: “Face your fears. Tomorrow, 9 AM ET.”

While Epic Games haven’t yet released any details of what the upcoming event will include, the developers have been releasing Halloween skins over the last few weeks. Most notably, Epic Games released its Chaos Agent Outfit last week along with Halloween-themed weapons Chaos Scythe and Black Ooze Wrap.

Other skins that have been included as part of the event include the Jawbreaker Outfit, Delirium Outfit, Catrina Outfit, Willow Outfit, Blacklight Outfit and Teef Outfit. Items also released are the Spellbound Staff, Goo Glider, Globber Pickaxe and Noshy Wrap, all of which are available right now.

Fans expect Epic Games to reveal more details about the event when it officially launches tomorrow (October 29). Many users speculate that parts of the new map will change as part of the event.

It’s also been rumoured that Epic Games may bring back its AI-controlled zombies known as Fiends. The enemies have been used in past updates although many users have been vocal against them.

Fortnitemares: Speculation & Rumours

Rumours suggest that the event may include a limited-time mode based on a Halloween theme as well as Halloween challenges that reward players with cosmetic rewards. Additional items are also expected to be included in the event.

There’s no end-date for the Fortnitemares event and Epic Games haven’t yet revealed when the game will face downtime for the update. In 2017, the Halloween event lasted an entire month while last year the event only ran for a week.

News of the event comes just weeks after Epic Games updated the game with its Chapter 2 revamp. The new update provides players with a gigantic new map featuring 13 locations as well as new water-based gameplay which includes fishing, swimming and motorboats.

The update also allows players to hide in tight spaces and developer Epic Games made changes to its Battle Pass to change how the game plays.

More recently, Epic Games was in the news after it was reported that they were suing a game tester for leaking and spoiling parts of the new update ahead of its launch. According to the lawsuit, Ronald Sykes shared details of the update on his Twitter accounts and Epic Games are now seeking compensation.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of Fortnite and are looking forward to the upcoming Fortnitemares update, check back tomorrow to find out exactly what Epic Games has launched for the event.

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