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Samsung announces its flagship Exynos 990 chip with 5G and 120Hz display support



Samsung Exynos 990 chip

We know that most of the smartphone companies around the world are done right now with their launches. This means that they are perfectly positioned to sell their devices in the holiday season. At the moment, we don’t expect any company to launch a new phone apart from Apple which will release a lineup of MacBooks and iPads in their lineup. However, we do know that there are companies like Huawei, Samsung and Qualcomm which will unveil their latest processors coming to the devices next year.

While everyone is interested in Qualcomm’s unveiling of the Snapdragon 865 chip, Samsung has sprung to action and released its Exynos 990 chip. This new chip from Samsung will be seen on the Galaxy S11 series, Galaxy Note 11 series and the next Galaxy Fold if it comes. Talking about the Exynos 990 chipset, we know that Samsung has done a lot of work on its processor and it is much improved compared to its 2019 chip. For starters, the Samsung Exynos 990 chip brings significant performance boost and is based on the 7nm process rather than 8nm from the Exynos 980.

Samsung says that the Exynos 990 will be 20% faster than the Exynos 9825 which was released after the Exynos 980 from late last year. Apart from that, Samsung has added support for 120Hz displays on this chipset so we might see a display with 120Hz refresh rate on Galaxy Note 11 while a 90Hz display is possible for the Galaxy S11 series.

The talking point, however, is that Exynos 990 supports 5G which means the future Samsung devices are most likely coming with 5G support globally. Along with support for higher refresh rate displays, Samsung has also added support for a smartphone with a camera with up to 108 MP resolution for the Exynos 990. This comes in line with the announcement of a 108MP sensor developed by Samsung earlier this year.

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