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Red’s Hydrogen Phone project cancelled after founder Jim Jannard retires



Red Hydrogen One

You must be aware that Red is a huge camera company from the US and it expertizes in making high-end cameras which are used by video makers, filmmakers and major production houses. However, Red wanted to make use of its camera technology and they decided to make an Android smartphone with the power of Red cameras inside them.

This got everyone excited about the possibility of an outstanding Red camera in a smartphone that you can carry around. However, the first Android smartphone from Red under its Hydrogen Phone program turned out to be a disaster.

The phone was huge in terms of size and weight and it had loads of software issues, as well as the 3D feature on its phone, also turned out to be a gimmick. Also, Red could not improve the software on its phone and it felt like the phone was almost abandoned and those who bought the phone were left on their will.

However, that does not mean the phone sold well because we don’t think it went into the hands of people other than reviewers. Nonetheless, we now have an announcement from the company after the retirement of its founder Jim Jannard. And the announcement from Red is that their Hydrogen Phone program has been discontinued, thankfully.

Red says that its founder has retired due to a “few health issues” and that he has decided in “shutting down the HYDROGEN project”. What this means is that Red’s Hydrogen One will be the first and last Android smartphone from Red.

However, we will not tell you to buy the Hydrogen One for nostalgia as is the case with Essential PH-1 as the phone is marred with bugs and it is still very costly at $645 which can get you a OnePlus 7T and still save 45 bucks which you can spend on its accessories.

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