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Huawei’s Mate X will finally be released on November 15



Huawei Mate X

Huawei has just announced something that we were anticipating but not expecting from a long time. As you might be aware, both Samsung and Huawei announced their respective foldable smartphones at MWC 2019. Since then, we have not heard back from Huawei but we do know that Samsung has made its Galaxy Fold available for purchase.

Therefore, we looked at Huawei and what their plans are for the Mate X foldable smartphone. Talking about Mate X, we know that Huawei’s phone is more challenging compared to Galaxy Fold as it is a foldable 5G phone. However, the bigger challenge for Huawei was the US ban which has found them wanting in the global industry.

However, it looks like Huawei has overcome all the challenges they were facing with the Huawei Mate X as the company has announced that they will release the Mate X on November 15 in China. This means that the second foldable smartphone of this year will be unveiled next month.

This will, however, be the first smartphone with a 5G modem inside it. Also, Huawei’s foldable phone is unique in the sense that it folds differently from Galaxy Fold. While the Galaxy Fold folds inwards and you have a secondary screen up at the top, the Huawei Mate X folds outwards so you don’t need a secondary screen.

While the Huawei Mate X is launching on November 15, we know that this will be available in Chinese markets only for now. We don’t know the reason behind it but we feel that the company is not confident of launching it worldwide right now and they want to see how the release goes in their home market. Talking about the price, Huawei’s Mate X 5G is even costlier if you thought that the Galaxy Fold was peak costly. Because the company says its Mate X will be available at ¥16,999 which is approximately $2400.

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