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Google’s Pixel 4 supports 11W wireless charging which the company didn’t reveal



Pixel 4 wireless charging

Sometimes, we are left to feel that the companies are smart and they are also very weird at the same time. Now, we know that it is very hard to make a smartphone which is the reason why not many companies are doing it. However, we know that the likes of Apple and Samsung have mastered that art and do anything they want with their phones. However, Google is a different story because the company is struggling to design as well as manufacture their smartphones well. Nonetheless, we know that there are a lot of good features on Google’s Pixel lineup as well. As we reported earlier, Google launched its Pixel 4 series earlier this month.

Now, one word to describe Google Pixel 4 phones is that they are underwhelming. This is because the cameras on Pixel 4 phones are not the best anymore as iPhone 11 Pro cameras are better. Also, the battery life is poor and the 90Hz refresh rate drains it even faster. But we are currently talking about one feature that Google didn’t even mention about the Pixel 4 phones on stage. We are talking about the wireless charging feature and we know that Pixel 3 supported wireless charging as well. However, Google did not mention that its phones now support up to 11W wireless charging as revealed by XDA’s Mishaal Rahman.

Last year’s Pixel 3 series only supported 5W wireless charging while you could do 11W wireless charging with the Pixel Stand and other Google-certified chargers. This year though, you can get 11W wireless charging on any wireless charger without restrictions. It is extremely weird to see why Google did not announce it on stage as it is quite a big feature to leave out. We know that 11W wireless charging is not the fastest but it is quite fast compared to 5W so the company should have announced it on stage.

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