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Samsung might release a phone with in-display camera next year



Samsung in-display camera

Samsung is one of the companies that has its first foldable smartphone out there in the market. Now, it might not be the best smartphone out there but the fact that they have developed a foldable smartphone should be appreciated. Also, we have seen that Samsung is not shy of failing and doing it again as they first witnessed with the Galaxy Note 7 where the phones started blowing up in everyone’s hands. Earlier this year, the Galaxy Fold also had a failure where the displays would break all of a sudden. Now, the new version of Galaxy Fold is still very vulnerable but less so than before and Samsung says you should take care of your device too.

However, we are also interested in seeing what Oppo first showed off a few months ago which is an under-display camera. Basically, we are going to see smartphones that have a camera beneath the display. This will be different from the hole-punch cameras and there will be no space taken up on a display by the camera. You will be able to have a full-screen display and the camera will get activated when you want it to.

Now, a report from a Korean publication theelec, reveals that a Samsung smartphone with an under-display camera might come next year. As per the report, Samsung looks to eliminate the hole camera from its smartphones as early as the first half of 2020. Also, the publication mentions a Samsung official saying that “the level of camera holes is not visible at all is not possible within a year or two”. This basically tells us that Samsung does not believe it can make the camera hole invisible in a year or two. Also, there are problems at the moment with an under-display camera such as blurriness, yellowness in the image and more which need to be compensated with software as doing it with hardware is not possible.

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