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Google Pixel 4 series comes to the US starting at $799



Google Pixel 4 series

Google has taken wraps off its Pixel 4 series of smartphones. However, we did know most of the things about Google’s upcoming smartphone thanks to leaks. Also, we must say that the leaks were absolutely accurate as Pixel 4 is exactly what we were seeing until now. So talking officially about the Google Pixel 4, it is launched on Google Store in three colours which are: Just Black, Only White and Oh So Orange. Google has continued to give quirky names for its colour variants and we love it.

However, there is nothing much to excite you with the Pixel 4 series apart from its camera(which might be the best camera of 2019) and the 90Hz smooth display. Yes, you get a 90Hz refresh rate display on the Pixel 4 series same as OnePlus 7 Pro and 7T series. But beyond those two things, there is not much else in design, specifications or technology. On the front, you do get Soli Radars which are for detecting movements and hand gestures. Apart from that, there is a proper face unlock mechanism with infrared sensors for making it more secure.

The display, however, has a huge top bezel whereas the bottom bezel is quite small. So it gives you an uneven look when you see the smartphone at first glance. Talking about the cameras, there are two sensors which are a 12MP one and a 16MP one. With that, you only get a single selfie camera whereas the wide-angle selfie camera from Pixel 3 series has been removed. Apart from that, the battery capacity on Pixel 4 is 2800 mAh whereas the Pixel 4 XL’s battery capacity is 3700 mAh. The price for Pixel 4 starts at $799 in the US and $899 is the starting price for Pixel 4 XL. Google has made the deal sweeter by adding a $100 gift card across all the stores when you pre-order the device so that the prices come down a $100 each.

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