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Samsung launches its Galaxy Fold Premier Service in the US



Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung, as you must be aware, announced their first foldable smartphone at the start of this year named as the Galaxy Fold. However, we did not hear back from Samsung regarding the device until August when the company started rolling out its first foldable phone. However, things started to go wrong as reviewers started to damage Galaxy Fold review units sent to them.

The problem was that a film on top of the display which wasn’t supposed to be removed was removed. After that, Samsung started to recall all the Galaxy Fold units and then decided to add a layer of protection on the Galaxy Fold’s display.

Finally, Samsung started to release the Galaxy Fold once again last month and the company took pre-orders in South Korea and later in the US as well. However, we know that this is not a regular smartphone as it is the first version of Galaxy Fold. Also, it costs a whopping $1980 which means that it is double the price of a regular smartphone. For this reason, the buyers would also be limited and Samsung has launched a conceirge-type service for its foldable device as well.

This service, named as Galaxy Fold Premier Service, lets its customers get in-person assistance via video call as well as normal voice calls too. Apart from that, the service also discounts first replacement of Galaxy Fold display so that you can replace it for $149 only. Also, we have seen reports that you can easily break your Galaxy Fold’s display so it is possible customers of the Galaxy Fold would need it sooner rather than later.

For this, you can either visit specified service locations or get an expedited mail-in anywhere in the US. Now, we know that Samsung does not offer such a service for all its devices as not every flagship smartphone from Samsung costs this much. But we expect that Samsung’s next Galaxy Fold would not need such a service but it is always appreciated.

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