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Apple TV+ and Apple Music might be bundled into a single service according to reports



Apple services

In recent times, Apple has not just stopped at being a manufacture but it is also getting into the services business. Basically, the reason behind this is declining sales of iPhones and Apple products around the world in general. Now, the reason is not that Apple makes bad products but it is just the mindset of people to upgrade their devices. Earlier, people used to upgrade their smartphones once or twice in two years which has gradually decreased as the lifetime of their smartphones has increased. For this reason, we also see manufacturers launching smartphones with minor upgrades which are just the older models packed with some new features.

Talking about the services business from Apple, the company recently reported that their services business is very close to crossing their sales of products such as iPhones and other iOS devices. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the company will take care of that business similar to its manufacturing division. We also saw that a special event took place earlier this year where Apple talked all about their services and no product was launched. During that event, Apple talked about two of its services named Apple TV+ which is a TV subscription service and Apple Music which is exactly what the name suggests.

Now, there are reports from Financial Times that Apple might look to bundle both of these services in one package which would offer more value to a user for the subscription amount they are paying. At the moment, you can get a year’s subscription of Apple TV+ for free if you buy a new iPhone or any other Apple product launched this year. Therefore, the company might introduce a plan where Apple Music will be included in your Apple TV+ plan for something which costs 12-13$ per month. Currently, you can get an Apple News subscription for $10 per month.

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