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Instagram might soon allow you to post group stories



Instagram Group Stories

Instagram has seen a huge rise in popularity ever since Facebook, its parent company, introduced a feature named Instagram Stories on the platform. Basically, Instagram Stories is similar to Snaps available on Snapchat which are sort of disappearing posts which remain for just 24 hours.

Also, they are not seen in traditional timeline format but instead on top with a bubble-like layout. Now, the idea here is to post something that you are not comfortable with sharing on your timeline. While we know that the idea wasn’t unique at all, the implementation on Instagram is what made the feature popular.

However, we are getting new reports about Instagram Stories which could give us a first look at one of the unique ideas from Facebook’s Instagram. According to reverse-engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram is working on a feature called group stories. However, the feature is not exactly as to what the name suggests.

Because you would be thinking that you can let people join your stories with this feature which is why it is named as group stories. No, that is not the case and this feature will instead let you send your story to a specific group or create a new one.

So if you want to post a story and only want to share it with a specific group of people who are outside of the close friends’ list or your list is too big and you want to create an even smaller list, this is where the feature comes in handy.

Also, this feature is very important for people who have created groups of people for specific interest. In this way, you don’t need to share anything and everything as a story which will be seen by all but instead send stories to specific groups who are interested in seeing and interacting with them.

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