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‘Nobody cares about the iPhone’s notch’ says a US Federal Judge



Apple iPhone notch

We have seen a lot of statements from people in the past regarding smartphones and how they don’t care much about them. However, this recent comment comes from a federal judge in the US who says that people don’t really care about the iPhone notch.

For context, there was a lawsuit filed against Apple ‘which alleges that Apple’s advertised screen size and resolution for the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max count pixels that aren’t actually there due to the notch’. Now, Law360 reports the judge saying that “There doesn’t really seem to be anyone in America who seems to be concerned about it,”

Apple says that ‘it already explains how it measures screen size on its packaging’ and they are trying to dismiss the case since March of this year. While the plaintiffs want this lawsuit to become a nationwide class-action lawsuit, the judge says that ‘there’s a legal precedent that could keep it from becoming one’.

Honestly speaking, there is nothing wrong with having a notch on your smartphone and Apple also says that they already explain how they measure the pixels. So this case is not something where you can claim that Apple lied to you or something else. It is just a case of personal preference and we are also getting reports Apple might remove the notch on next year’s iPhone.

Now, people who have used an iPhone with a notch prior to this say that the notch is noticeable for the first time but then they don’t bother about it too much. Therefore, it is clear that the notch does not make a big difference in user experience and there should not be a big deal made about it. Also, we might see the lawsuit being dropped very soon as the federal judge is sceptical of keeping the case alive any longer.

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