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Bose decides to discontinue Sleepbuds due to faulty batteries, will offer a full refund



Bose Sleepbuds

Bose is known for its audio products and recently, the company has made great products which include the noise cancellation headphones from the company. However, the company tried to release a new and innovative product in the market and it did so as well. We are talking about the Bose Sleepbuds which are exactly what the name suggests. Bose launched these earbuds as not any other wireless earbuds but something that could help people for sleeping.

Basically, these earbuds would block the outside noise as you wear them in your ears and it will play soothing sounds so that you can have a good sleep. Bose says that they have heard positive feedback from people saying that they have had their first sound sleep thanks to Sleepbuds.

However, the company has had to discontinue the Sleepbuds because it says that there were complaints regarding battery life issues as well as rapid discharging. Also, they added that some complaints revealed the Sleepbuds would not turn on sometimes. For this reason, Bose has now decided to discontinue the Sleepbuds and have even guaranteed a full refund for all the customers.

The company is accepting returns of the Sleepbuds till December 31 of this year after which they are eligible for a full refund. But it must be noted that this is not a recall so you have the option to keep using your Sleepbuds if yours are working fine. Also, you can get a replacement unit which might be less defective instead of a full refund.

Here is Bose’s statement on this matter:

We’re sorry for disappointing you, and we’re sorry for not communicating more clearly along the way. We had good intentions, but unless that makes a difference to you, it’s not enough. We remain committed to developing innovative solutions to help the millions of people who struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep.

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