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You might soon be able to report your Uber driver with its audio recording feature



Uber Audio Recording feature

Uber is known to be one of the most advanced taxi services out there in the market. We have seen that the services from Uber, apart from its taxi services, such as Uber Eats and Uber Auto have been popular too. However, we have seen many cases where people have complaints regarding their Uber drivers. Some of these complaints are normal such as the driver not reporting on time, taking a longer route etc. However, some of the complaints are extremely serious such as misbehaving, sexual harassment as well as other such incidents.

For this reason, Uber already allowed people to report their Uber drivers if needed so that they can conduct an internal investigation and remove the driver if he/she is found to be guilty. However, there was also an allegation on Uber that the drivers were not punished on the basis that not enough evidence was available. So we have just seen a new feature coming to the Uber app which allows you to record audio.

With the help of Uber’s Audio Recording feature, you will now be able to record audio if needed regarding a conversation with your Uber driver. This will also help you have evidence if there is a need to report the driver for further investigation. Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse-engineering expert, revealed that she has found a feature named “Record Audio” for people “uncomfortable with the ride” inside the latest Uber app.

However, the strange part about this feature is that Jane could not test the feature out because she was in an ‘actual Uber ride’ and she did not feel right to report the driver for no apparent reason. But she later found out that the feature was unreleased and she got it due to the beta app present on her phone. Uber rolled out RideCheck feature previously which would let you flag unusual events such as long stops or car crashes to keep passengers and drivers safe.

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