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Samsung might launch a cheaper version of Galaxy Note 10 to cut down sales of Apple iPhone 11



Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series

We have seen that Apple is one of the companies which keeps the prices of its iPhones relatively high. This means that the Android OEMs are usually the ones who undercut Apple in their pricing strategy. However, the tables have turned massively this year as Apple has undercut one of its iPhone’s price compared to most of the Android flagships. We are talking about the iPhone 11 from Apple which is basically an upgraded version of the iPhone Xr from last year.

The iPhone 11 is available in the US starting at just $699 which is a very good price to enter Apple’s ecosystem and get things going. But this has made the Android competitors of Apple nervous. Because they are starting to get the feeling that they might be losing out. Most of the analysts also reveal that Apple’s iPhone 11 is off to a great start in India and China, two of the biggest smartphone markets. Now, Samsung has come into action as T3 reports the company could launch an even affordable Note 10 series phone.

We have seen that Samsung released a Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ in its Galaxy S10 series. However, the company released just a regular and plus variant in the Note 10 series. Now, the company could be launching a lite version of the Note 10 which might be named the Note 10e. As per the leaks, we are going to see a less-powerful camera, a downgraded processor as well as less RAM on this smartphone which will help Samsung undercut Apple’s iPhone 11 price.

Now, what would be interesting is to see if Samsung keeps the iconic S-Pen from its Note series in the cheaper version of Note 10 series as well. Also, how that move affects the sales of premium Note 10 series if the cheaper variant comes with an S-Pen is there to be seen as well.

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